Crazy Guy Covers Himself With 3,000 Bees And Immediately Regrets It!

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Coyote Peterson bees

On this episode of Breaking Trail, crazy Coyote Peterson attempts to show that Honey Bees aren’t just out to sting you… that is until his “Bee Beard” experiment completely backfires when he is attacked and stung in the face by a swarm of over 3,000 angry Bees!

Luckily Coyote survived this experiment with no life threatening allergic reactions…however the state of his physical appearance was – well you’re just going to have to see for yourself because Coyote became nearly unrecognizable within minutes due to severe localized swelling.

Coyote’s Youtube channel, Brave Wilderness is full over crazy videos where Coyote gets stung, bitten and absolutely destroyed by various animals, insects and reptiles!