Stunning Grandma Loses 80-Pounds With Mouthwatering Diet Plan

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Losing weight can feel like a second job. Many diet plans don’t offer up a tasty array of food which can make dieting a real drag. If you find yourself faced with this dilemma, have no fear because Natalie Sutherland is here to show us all how to lose weight, while eating delicious foods!

Natalie is a mom to four happy children and is now even a grandmother. Although Natalie is now in a very good place in her life, it wasn’t always that way.

Back in 2011, while she was having some fertility issues, Natalie coped with her emotions by overeating. She found herself reaching for bags of chips, sweets, and other unhealthy foods.

Because of her weight gain, she would hide behind people in photos and avoid mirrors.
When Natalie crested the 200-pound mark, she stated she felt like an ‘elephant’ and could no longer continue eating unhealthy foods. So, she started to eat healthy!


 It wasn’t long until she started to see results…serious results!


Natalie remembers the times that were the hardest.

I used to turn down invitations to go out. I didn’t have a social life. I could never find anything to wear because I would be disappointed. The clothes would never look like they did on the hanger.

I was very unhappy with myself. I didn’t want to be touched. It was difficult to get dressed in front of my husband and to show any PDA.

But that all changed when she changed her diet and began losing the weight.

Daily Mail

It’s never too late to change up your eating habits in order to shed a few…or 80-pounds! 

Natalie finally feels like she is in ‘her own skin again’!