Text And Photos Sent By Cheaters That Busted Them In The Act!

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Cheating is not cool. If you are going to ‘cheat’ on someone…be respectful enough to just break it off with the person you are with…therefore forgoing the whole cheating thing. 

Sadly, most people don’t break it off and cheat like it’s their job. Below you will find photos sent by the cheater to their significant other, that actually ended up busting them in the act. 

1. The Mysterious Man Boots.

This woman thought she was being smooth by sending a few sexy snaps to her man while away. Her man has a good eye however and it would seem he also has some experience with cheating. 

2. Helping A Brother Out

This woman was playing two guys and one guy caught on…he busted her by telling the other dude!

3. Hanging With The Boss. Dammit Tom!

A cheating woman was called out by her suspicious boyfriend after she sent him a series of saucy selfies. Come to find out…she went on a long distance work trip with her boss…not alone!





4. Oops…Wrong Number! Ahhh, What The Hell!

One man accidentally sent a flirty snap to his wife’s friend. Instead of the friend receiving the snap and telling him he sent it to the wrong person, she decided to send him a mildly revealing picture of herself to see what he would do. After all, he was sending a flirty text, not to his wife.

Well, he sent back a picture of himself in his birthday suit! 


When the friend received the snap, she took a screenshot and sent it to her friend…his wife! Busted!


Looks like this guy was playing the field big time! What a dick!

5. The Outspoken Cocky Cheaters

6. Why Dad…Why?

A man discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him with his father after discovering sexually explicit texts between the two.

“All messages discussing how she’s his ‘dirty little secret.’ Nudes and everything, what do I do? I’m broken.”

The kid then revealed the affair to his mother and then took screenshots of him confronting his girlfriend.

Naturally she denied it at first…

 And then the truth slowly starts to leak out…

…and finally…the final blow