The Ridiculous Prices People Paid For Fashion Will Terrify You

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When website Joe Monster went to New York for Fashion Week, they did something quite out of the ordinary. Now everyone can’t stop talking about their daring endeavor.

Representatives from the website stopped people on their way into a venue and asked them a simple question: “Would you mind writing down how much your outfit costs?” They photographed the results for the world to see, which are beyond shocking.

1.) $3,900


3.) $2,438

4.) $1,000 shoes, borrowed dress

5.) College budget

6.) $3,100

7.) $350

8.) $993

9.) $2,000

10.) Friendship

11.) $350

12.) $350

13.) $70

14.) $129

15.) A LOT (not retail)

16.) $650

17.) $tyle is Pricele$$

18.) $75

19.) $2,800

20.) DIY

21.) $31

22.) SALE!

23.) $5,000


(via Distractify)

From spending virtually nothing to purses costing thousands of dollars, the fashion in these photos truly runs the gamut. This made me wonder how much I spent on what I’m wearing today. The answer kind of shocked me, and I had to stop judging these people too harshly.