The United States Of America Just Isn’t What It Used To Be

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Remember when Americans had pride? Worked hard? Thrived on education, and fought hard for our freedoms?

The United States has turned into a political, technologically driven mess. The country has never been more divided than it is right now. I’m not talking about North versus South or East versus West, I’m talking about the division between the people of the United States.

Everyday there seems to be a new issue that nobody can agree on. In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the issue of accepting Refugees has spiked. The week prior to the attacks the biggest issue was Donald Trump speaking horrifically about women. The problems are never ending. The United States is failing to focus on what really matters, we are failing to focus on our own country and our own citizens. Now please, before you jump to conclusions, we are not speaking of the recent refugee issue, we are speaking in general. There are millions of Americans who could benefit from our hard earned tax dollars, opposed to having billions of our tax dollars going overseas somewhere.

We have an incredible amount of poorly educated children living in this country. Our streets are filled with homeless men, women and children. Millions upon millions rely on Government assistance to live out each day. Millions upon millions of people are out of work, some want to work and others don’t need to due to the incredible welfare wages our country offers.

Veterans of war sleep under bridges and eat out of trashcans, but we are worried about fleeing Syrians…this makes no sense. The people that put their lives on hold and endured countless hours of war in order for all of us to live ‘free’, are treated like garbage. We all have a sensitive side to us, a level of humanity that would love to save everyone from harm. I would personally love nothing more than to be able to help ‘good’, ‘decent’ refugees make it to safety, but the United States can’t do it all. We need to focus on creating a safe, powerful, intellectual society before we take on more.


What happened to us? The leader of our Country seems to not care about us, the front runners for the next presidential election are a bunch of yahoo’s who I wouldn’t hire to delegate between my children when they are fighting. This country is going downhill and it seems to be going downhill fast.

There were days when we as kids used to be able to play in the streets until nightfall, now, you have to worry about your children being kidnapped or shot. The entertainment industry is pumping our children full of hatred, killing, sex and violence. The music of today is lackluster and most has zero substance in regards to the lyrics.

There was a time in this country when people worked hard for everything they had, a time where pride was an actual thing. The folks that do still hold pride in their hearts…are frustrated, broken and beat down by a system that doesn’t seem to care about them. The middle class workers of America have fallen to the bottom and are no longer middle class. The rich are getting richer while the poor stay poor but comfortable and the middle class men and women work hard, don’t have time to play hard and are broke.

Terrorists want to kill us. They want to murder our families, friends and destroy everything we have worked so hard to build. These monsters want to take our freedom! If at any time in history the people of the United States should be united…this is it! This is a time where we all should be helping out our neighbor and doing all we can to protect our love ones.

Gun control is a major issue in this country as well. We all have the right to own guns, as we should have that right. When terrorists are lurking in our quiet towns and city streets looking to cause harm, we most certainly should have every right to protect ourselves, our family and our fellow man/woman. This country was built by people who carried guns. Actions from guns took a lot of lives, but saved a lot more that they ever took.

In short, America needs a change as we are on a fast track to destruction and chaos. We have a government system here in America and we need a leader who is going to lead. We need politicians who don’t act like politicians. We need to stop focusing on aiding everyone else in the world prior to us aiding our own citizens. It is time for change.

We need to go back to the years when people cared, truly cared about this country. Jobs need to stay in America, people need to work and handouts need to be at a minimum. We need to not fear our fellow man, but all show a little more love and compassion for our fellow citizens. If you are a hard worker, you should be recognized as one and not have to jump through hoops to live comfortably. Our soldiers need to be home protecting our land, not helping others protect their land. Our nation, the land of the free…needs to be free again. It needs to be filled with freedom, love, laughter and hope.


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