10 Awesome And Unique DIY Projects Perfect For Any Home!

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Moving into a new space can be super overwhelming but also super fun and exciting. The new space allows you to get those creative decorating juices flowing and design the space exactly how you want it!

Here are a few pretty awesome ideas that you may want to incorporate in your new space, or maybe revamp and old space!

Hanging Copper Pipe Garment Rack

This is such a cool way to display your clothes, especially if you have an open concept somewhere in your space. Even if you just use this idea to display some super cool vintage clothes, it looks awesome! For detailed instructions check out Love Aesthetics.


Funky and Cool Wall Hanging Letters

Decorate your walls with super cool wall hanging letters. There are so many wonderful sayings you can display and so many awesome letter designs you can find online to use!

Hanging Mason Jar Makeup Organizer

his mason jar bathroom organizer is not only easy to make, but it will also be easy to clean with a quick swipe of a Clorox wipe. You can read the whole how-to-tutorial at The DIY Playbook.

Hula Hoop Chandelier

This is such a great alternative to Christmas lights or other hanging decor lighting. Check out how to make this bad boy from Sarah over at Sarah With An H.


DIY Ikea Bar Cart

Turning this $30 Ikea utility cart into a retro-chic bar cart with some spray paint is a must! Talk about cool! You can check out the tutorial from Lindsey at The Curly Diaries.


Bleeding Tissue Paper Canvas Art

This idea from Fiskars is actually recommended for kid’s crafts, but it looks super cool so we wanted to include it so us adults can have a little fun too!


Ombre Fake Flower Wall Hanging

Acquire a canvas and some fake flowers. Then, hot glue the fake flowers to the canvas. Then spray paint it with some bright colored spray paint. Voila! It’s art. Put it in your entryway, preferably under a light source and watch your guests be super jealous you own such a cool piece of art!


Washi Tape Accent Wall

In most rented properties you are not allowed to paint the walls, or maybe you just don’t want to go through the effort of painting a wall. In either case, using decals or washi tape like Emily of Everything Emily did for her son’s room is super cool and simple way to add a little flare to any wall.

Washi tape comes in so many colors that you could create endless patterns with it…and if you get bored, just create another one!


Giant Shower Curtain Art

This giant piece of octopus art is actually a shower curtain, and this idea is absolutely genius. Big wall art is so expensive, but all you need to make your own is a shower curtain and some plywood boards from Home Depot. Kirsten over at 6th Street Design School says this project only took her and hour of work.


Upcycled Pickle Jar Containers

With a coat of rubber paint, hot glue, and a drawer pull, you can make old jars into apothecary-esque creations. The jars in this photo are used for bathroom supplies, but the sky is the limit in regards to what you can put into these decorative pieces of awesomeness!


Concrete End Table Top

Incase you’re out of the loop when it comes to serious crafters, covering your tables in concrete is all the rage. It’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and it makes for a super sleek looking piece of furniture. Aimee of The Crazy Craft Lady covered her dining set in concrete and she can show you how to as well!