10 Common Foods To Serve At Your Wedding With A Twist!

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Wedding season is upon us! You can expect a myriad of themed invitations, extravagant locations, and interesting cuisines hopefully paired with an open bar. Where some brides are sticking to the more traditional routes, other brides are serving elegance and comfort food. The key to a successful dinner is to keep the appetizers coming. As of late finger foods have been growing in popularity at wedding receptions. Feeding your guests can quickly become the most expensive part of the big day. If you use the Pinterest app or website as a way to source your dream board wedding, these trendy food items listed will be no surprise to you.

Here are 10 common foods at your wedding that can make a twist!

1. Homemade biscuits

Bread baskets can really fill up a table. You can consider adding elegant squares of butter, honey, or Jam. Adding one to every table or a giant bread basket at the beginning of the serve yourself buffet can really tamper the excited nerves if there is any wait time for the meals to be served.

2. Tiny cheeseburgers or sliders

I am convinced that people prefer the taste of food in miniature form. If you’re vegetarian or vegan this can also translate to veggie or black bean miniature sliders. Sliders are perfect for the little ones to discourage them from tasting the more complex palette pleasing dishes.

3. Ice cream bars

Why not have a bar that even the minors in attendance can enjoy? Your guests can indulge in sugary mayhem if you have a spread with different candies, sprinkles, and chocolate. Not to mention ice cream is the perfect pairing with a wedding cake!

4. Donuts

But not just any donuts, Gourmet Donuts! They can be displayed as a decadent tower. This will be sure to supplement your wedding guests sugar tooth and to get them all hyped up for the dance floor. If you have enough donuts they make a great visual for photo opportunities as well.


5. Pizza

This would be the perfect late-night snack for your wedding guests to keep partying vibes lasting through the night. You can add more gourmet pizza options alongside the traditional cheese and pepperoni. No picky eaters will be leaving hungry.

6. Pies

You would think a wedding would be the last place pie would be served however it is a popular trend to have a multitude of pies displayed especially as a pairing for the ice cream. Pie a la mode, is tres chic!

7. Chicken and Waffles

If you take the staple piece of every wedding, Fried Chicken, and pair it with waffles this will be sure to excite your guests. Everyone can enjoy a bit of comfort food on this tremendous occasion.


8. Seasonal Salad

Whatever your theme, whenever season your wedding is a whimsical salad is great to accompany some of your main dishes. You can go for the all veggie salad option, that is very light with an even lighter dressing. Sticking to fresh things like fresh limes, cilantro, and tangerines. For a bulkier salad, protein is key. There is no rule for how many types of protein you can add to your salad. Also, do not forget that salads can be composed of pasta.

9. Grilled Kabobs

You will not find a single person that does not like a healthily seasoned kabob. The variations of the skewers are endless. You can add onions, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, etc. Shrimp skewers and Chicken typically go fast.

10. Lobster

10. If you are a bride that just radiates class you can always serve lobster with a side of mashed potatoes. Lobster is the most elegant and decadent choice to serve at a wedding. The mashed potatoes bring a light carbohydrate to really round out the dish. It’s a timeless traditional entree that every generation has added or subtracted to. Some play with the plating of the dish, making it ornate and utilizing the entire lobster. While others stick to a more minimalist plating.

Overall your guests will absolutely love the variety of food options that will be provided. These dishes listed above will please even the pickiest of eaters to even the dietary restrictions some guests may contend with. When choosing your catering company keep in mind that most of your guests will be photographing the food for “the gram” and Facebook. View the catering company’s portfolio of food before pulling the trigger. The biggest reception dinner trend at the moment is to have a few interactive food stations. This looks like family style mixed with a buffet style. It is your day so treat yourself and your guests to a unique cuisine experience!

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