10 Cools Things About Riding a Motorcycle

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According to the Bureau of Transportation, the number of motorcycle registrations in the United States has increased by 75 percent in a 10-year span.

Motorcyclists get to experience a number of amazing benefits you’ll never know owning a car. With these 10 cool things about riding a motorcycle, you can increase your cool factor too!

Why do people ride motorcycles? Keep reading to find out!

1. Disconnected Zen

We’ve all experienced the slightest bit of road rage at least once in our lives. Getting stuck in dense, exhaustive traffic or nearly getting sideswiped by an inattentive driver can ruin anyone’s mood.

Once you’re on the road, riding a motorcycle requires you to remain attentive about what matters.That includes constantly monitoring your movements and the drivers around you. When riding a motorcycle, you need to consider possible hazards, the lane position, and the condition of the roads.

You also need to adjust the angle of your bike, your body posture, and your speed at every second.

This constant monitoring can disconnect you from the rest of the road. Like meditation, this can help you clear your mind from unnecessary details and distractions about your life.

If you’re wondering “why ride a motorcycle,” consider the current stress in your life.

All of those stressors are erased when you’re on the road. With this inner peace on the road, you can experience a calmer life off-road, too!

2. A Quick Commute

Source: https://cdn.gearpatrol.com/

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average for a work commute in the United States is 26.1 minutes. If you work five days a week, that means you’re spending over 200 hours a year on the road.

Riding a motorcycle, however, can help you cut down your daily commute.

This is especially beneficial if you live in a city with lane splitting. That way, you can bypass traffic and ignore the frustration of a delayed commute.

Even without lane splitting, you can zip by the traffic that’s causing your delays. This also makes it easier for you to find a parking spot in an already packed lot. That way, you’re not delayed even morewhen your struggle to find a spot.

Plus, learning how to ride a motorcycle can make your commute cheaper. Instead of sitting idle in traffic and wasting gas, you can head straight to work without waiting around!

3. Awesome Efficiency

Speaking of wasting gas, learning how to ride a motorcycle can also improve your energy efficiency.

Riding a motorcycle is the greener option when you’re on the road. Modern motorcycles now follow strict environmental standards. That way, you can feel rest assured that you’re helping out Mother Nature every time you’re on your bike.

The less time your engine is running, the less of an environmental impact you’re making.

Instead of getting stuck on the road for long stretches of time, you can cut back on your drive andhow many fuel emissions you send into the air.

If you’re looking for even more reasons to buy a motorcycle, consider choosing an electric bike. These can improve energy efficiency when you choose more sustainable resources.

4. Less Strain on the Roadway

Source: https://www.latimes.com/

Riding a motorcycle sends fewer pollutants into the air andputs less of a strain on the road.

As taxpayers, we all have to deal with the quality of our roadways. Since you and the bike weigh less than someone in a full-sized vehicle, you’re causing less wear and tear on the road.

When the road lasts longer, you’re benefiting every driver in the city.

That also means you can avoid future repairs on the roads (which could extend your commute or create detours).

5. Hack-Free Zone

Many high-tech cars now feature amazing software advancements. However, this smart technology makes it easier for hackers to gain access to your car.

With a motorcycle, you don’t have to worry about hackers remotely taking control.

That means motorcycles are a safer option than many vehicles. Then, you can avoid a potential crash caused by a hacker.

If you’re concerned about potential accidents, a motorcycle accident lawyer can prepare you for the future.

6. The Human Element

As the owner of a motorcycle, you’re also more likely to meet more people. After all, more people are involved in making a motorcycle than cars on average.

Motorcyclists are their very own community. When you’re out riding a motorcycle, you’re likely to meet other motorcycle enthusiasts, too. This community can help you meet people outside your usual interests.

7. Happier Health

Rising a motorcycle can also improve your health. Many motorcyclists note weight loss after riding their bike.

It’s good for your brain, too! The meditative state we discussed can boost endorphins, which improves your mental health.

By learning to ride a motorcycle, you’ll discover a healthier andhappier lifestyle, too.

8. Fearless Freedom

Source: https://image.cnbcfm.com/

Sometimes it’s difficult to break away from the world. Many people hop in their cars and go for a drive when they need to feel free from those stresses and distractions.

On a motorcycle, you’re more focused on split-second decisions and reactions. This can free your mind from the rest of the world. That way, you can explore fearless freedom—which will free you in your daily life, too.

9. Sweet Excitement

Riding a motorcycle can also cause a thrill! If you’re an adrenaline junkie, every ride can give you that rush you’re searching for in your daily life.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should take risks.

As a motorcyclist, don’t forget to stay safe. Even with caution, you can feel a thrill when you zip through traffic and cut corners during your drive.

10. The Overall Cool Factor

This one speaks for itself. Riding a motorcycle can increase your overall cool factor.

Get a bike and see for yourself!


Rev Up: 10 Cool Things About Riding a Motorcycle

Rev up and ride fast with these 10 cool things about riding a motorcycle.

With this list, you can feel the wind through your hair and experience the road in a brand new way. Trade in your current set of wheels for a motorcycle and try it for yourself!

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