10 Fortnite Essentials For Beginners

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Battle Royale is the biggest multiplayer trend of the last 2 years. Fortnite occupies the post of the Battle Royale king with over 250 million active concurrent players worldwide. Though the title is always evolving, the core gameplay remains the same. Your primary mission sounds simple – kill everyone you see to survive. It’s almost impossible without knowledge and practice. In the article below, Freepps.top selected essential basics for you to start playing more confidently.

1. What Is Found on Spawn Island stays on Spawn Island

Spawn Island is a smaller land near the shores of the main island. It’s a place where you hang out until 100 players join the session. This place is overflowing with guns and loot, but you’re not allowed to carry it along to the match. It’s just a chance for you to try something new and be ready to use it in the game.

2. Don’t Hurry to Drop Down

The drop-off from the Battle Bus is always a benchmark for your experience. Newbies usually leap out as soon as they hear the horn. You can protect yourself and wait 3 seconds to jump out. That’s the time when the bus reaches the end of its way. While the majority of players are landing on the one side, you can glide down alone or with a few competitors. It’s a good way to loot up without troubles. It’s also wise to aim at buildings because they usually have chests inside. 

3. Big After Small

There are small, and big shield potions that give you 25 and 50 shield points respectively. At GamesMojo.com, we noticed that it’s impossible to use the small ones when you have 50+ points, but big are still active. That’s why you have to use small bottles earlier to avoid wasting inventory space in Fortnite.

4. SMGs and Shotguns

Assault rifles and SMGs are the universal weapons which you can use for both long and short distances. There’s no sense in experimenting with sniper rifles if you have a choice. Shotguns are perfect for small spaces and very short distances. They do enough damage for a one-shot kill. 

5. Check Out Rarity

Fortnite has a rarity scale in which grey color means standard weapons. Green, blue, purple, and gold are in the ascending order of damage. GamesMojo.com recommends you to replace weak guns to take advantage and do more damage to enemies. 

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6. Use Quality Headphones

Sounds in Fortnite are very important as they can provide you with additional tactic opportunities. When you know which direction enemies are coming from and the distance to them, you can prepare for the most efficient attack. 

7. Take Cover to Heal 

It always takes from 2 to 10 seconds to consume healing kits and shield potions. Moreover, you can’t shoot and run while using them. This time may be extremely valuable, so it’s advisable to build walls around to avoid being killed.

8. Get Higher

The higher point you are at, the harder it is to kill you. At the same time, you have the advantage to hide for recharging, throw grenades more precisely, and heal securely. You can build wherever you want because platforms are clippable even to cliffs. 

9. Almost Everything is Breakable 

Your pickaxe can become a perfect way out of buildings. You can break almost any wall to save time, but be careful! It makes a lot of noise, so others may notice it and start chasing you or make an ambush behind the wall. 

10. Explore

Fortnite Island is vast, and each of its locations has features that require you to come up with specific strategies. That’s why you should learn the map before joining the multiplayer. The Playground mode is perfect for that as it allows you to learn chest locations and find the best places for attacking.

Of course, there’s a lot more to learn to become a pro-player, but you won’t be able to move on without these basics. Join the battle when you can do everything blindfolded, and you will feel the power of being prepared.