10 Iconic 80’s Toys That Are Worth A Small Fortune Today!

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If you grew up in the 1980’s there is a good chance that you owned a few of these awesome toys, I know I did! If only we knew what these toys would be worth today, we may have been a tad more careful with them. But then again, that doesn’t sound like much fun!

G.I. Joe Motorized Battle Tank (Worth $6,500). The series is still going strong and transcending generations, now over 50 years since its debut in 1964. Released as part of a new product launch in 1982, I don’t see how you could have kept something as totally awesome as a motorized battle tank in its box, but if you did, it’s now worth $6500 to the legions of passionate G.I. Joe collectors.


He-Man and Battlecat Action Figurines (Worth $7,000). Since 1982 He-Man has had his dedicated fans around the world, clinging to the glory days of long-haired muscle men in short shorts being viewed as the ultimate alpha males. One of the rarest He-Man action figures ever released was the He-Man and Battle Cat Action Figure. It’s almost impossible to find, but worth 7 grand if you have one!


Transformers Optimus Prime and Megatron Action Figurines (Worth $900). Over 20 years before Michael Bay gave us copious amounts of explosions, lens flares and Megan Fox, the Transformers franchise was the coolest, biggest thing ever for 80’s kids.

The series debuted in 1984, and every kid who was any kid was battling it out with their Autobots and Decepticons. Nowadays you can score a totally radical $900 for your original mint condition Optimus Prime action figure.


The Real Ghostbusters Fright Feature Janine Melnitz’ Action Figurine (Worth $950). Janine Melnitz was the wisecracking secretary from the Ghostbusters series that always had something contrarian to say to the gang (or to anyone calling in to request their services).

Although Melnitz had a small part in the series, her action figure is rare enough to be worth more than Egon and Venkman put together, which is really saying something.


Mint Teddy Ruxpin (Worth $1,400). The Teddy Ruxpin hysteria wasn’t just limited to the USA, it became the top selling toy in the entire world in both 1985 and 1986! Teddy Ruxpin was the stuffed teddy bear that you could insert a cassette tape into (remember those) and from the torso. The bear would read stories and sing songs to your children.


Mint Cabbage Patch Kid (Worth $995). First debuting in 1978 as the Little People’ these dolls developed a cult following not seen again until the Ty beanie baby craze. Hysteria ensued whenever a new doll was released with fans actually getting violent to get their hands on them, reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the greatest movie of his career, Jingle All The Way’.


She-Ra and Swift Wind Action Figurines (Worth $4,000). Two years after He-Man debuted, She-Ra got her own spin-off. She-Ra: Princess of Power’ was a fairly popular cartoon series in the mid-80’s and like every cartoon series, spawned off a line of action figures. If you were a little boy who received a She-ra action figure from your weird aunt for your birthday and managed to avoid squishing the box in the back of your closet, you’re in for a $4000 payday!


He-Man Eternia Playset (Worth $17,000). It was THE coolest He-Man Eternia set EVER released, a three level tower of awesomeness. It was so expensive and rare even when it first came out in 1986, that pretty much only your rich friend who had their own telephone in their bedroom could get one. The playset is even more expensive and rare now! Produced in limited quantities, one recently sold for $17,000 to a He-maniacal collector.


Nintendo NES In Box (Worth $2,000). Pretty much the only way you’ll ever find an NES in mint condition from the 1980’s is if your Grandma forgot your Christmas present in her attic for the last 30 years. If that does happen, you can get $2000, but why would you want to sell it?! All these new systems with their fancy graphics can never match the HOURS of joy and frustration that the original 709 NES games brought us. Having to blow on the cartridge to get a game to work was a pain in the rear!


Garbage Pail Kids Adam Bomb’ (Worth $1,000). Adam Bomb was the character who looked like he had an atomic mushroom cloud coming out of his cranium. Why the Garbage Pail Kids are still popular, we’ll never know. The toys have gathered quite a cult following over the last few decades with younger people while the Cabbage Patch Kids are hardly collectible at all. It’s a strange world we live in.


And check out this ultra RARE Mars Attacks large foil sticker art piece. Said to be produced in during the 70’s, this piece is one of the hardest to find Mars Attacks collectibles.

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