10 Masterpieces by Gaudí You Must See When Visiting Barcelona

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Live in luxury while immersing yourself in the magnificence that are Antoni Gaudí’s architectural masterpieces

It is impossible to visit Barcelona and not be introduced the magnificence that is Antoni Gaudí’s many architectural masterpieces located around the city. Many even come to the city with the specific intention of only basking in the many truly unique works of art, and there are quite a few of them around. So many that it might be difficult to obtain an overarching view of them all. Perhaps then it might be good to have an indication as to which ones should be on top of the list.

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10 stunning pieces of architecture

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1. La Sagrada Familía– the most obvious choice for the number one building you have to see when in Barcelona have to be La Sagrada Familía. It’s unfinished state as well as the controversy surrounding the building has made it world famous. This is perhaps Gaudí’s most legendary architectural masterpiece and it is definitely worth the wait to see it. The build of the church was initiated in 1882 and we all wait in suspense for the finished result.

2. Casa Vicens– this is the first design of the master and it has recently been restored as well as converted into a museum. As magnificent and quirky as all of the other designs. However, it is possible to note that this was indeed his first if you look to the more elaborate designs that is his signature later on.

3. La Pedrera– also commonly referred to as Casa Milá and it is a truly spectacular piece of architecture. The oval-shaped courtyard is extraordinary and once on the roof-top you are able to see the Barcelona skyline. This is one of the most popular of Gaudí masterpieces and rightfully so. The exterior of the building is quite the experience.

4. Casa Batlló– another piece where the exterior is almost more interesting than the interior, almost. It is reminiscing of gemstones sparkling in the sunlight and the entire building is an array of multiple colours. The design of the balconies is in the shape of skulls and you will be hard pressed to find a straight line of the building itself.

5. Casa Calvet– another one of Gaudí’s earlier works which may be distinguished once again by the slightly less extravagant building design. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as breathtakingly stunning as the rest of the designs mentioned here, it is simply a little more down to earth.

6. Güell Palace– with this specific design Gaudí decided to be a little less extravagant with the exterior and focus more on the interior. Inside the building you will be able to find all of the trademarks of Gaudí though and it is truly beautiful.

7. Park Güell– located just outside of the city on Carmel Hill it is a truly unique experience. Some have called it a fairy tale in reality and this time there is the added element of nature, making it even more spectacular.

8. El Drac de Gaudí at Finca Güell– even though this is originally not of Gaudí’s own design, the remodel is and one should particularly pay attention to the iron gate in the shape of a dragon.

9. Cascada Fountain at Parc de la Ciutadella– in one of Barcelona’s most famous parks it is possible to view another of Gaudí’s earlier works, and what a work of art it is. It is interesting to note though that this piece wasn’t actually made by the master himself, he was actually an assistant to another master, Josep Fontseré in 1881 and worked on the project together with him.

10. The church of Colonia Güell– another unfinished church of Gaudí’s, this time however only the crypt was completed. This has by no means deterred from the remarkableness of it and UNESCO placed it on its world heritage list in 2005.

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