10 Must Have Products That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed!

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There are so many cool products being produced every day, many we don’t even know about! Here are ten super awesome products that you probably have not heard of…but will surely want to check out!

1. TrendBox Swim Soft Silicone Gear Paddle Fins.

While they don’t boast the superhero aesthetic of Darkfin Gloves–more like the hand-got-tangled-up-in-a-jellyfish. They do make sense and they do make a difference when swimming! These are great for training or just getting an edge while racing your buddies at the lake on a hot Summer’s day! They hit a good price point too, $5 to $12!


2. The Swurfer Swing

The perfect replacement for your tradition outdoor swing. The Swurfer swing allows you to stand or sit on the swing. I can tell you my kids would dig this! What kid doesn’t want to fly through the air and feel as though they are surfing totally gnarly waves! The swing will set you back about $130, so start saving those pennies!


3. The Stovetop Pizza Oven

If you are like me, you love pizza. I could literally eat pizza all day, everyday! This awesome stovetop pizza oven is revolutionizing how you make those tasty pies!

Made by Pizzacraft, this stove is perfect for home use or better yet, camping! The oven was designed for gas ranges and does work best over an open flame, hence this thing is awesome for camping! Just think, this could all be yours for $189.99!



4. Unbreakable Silicone Pint Glasses

Oh boy, these are long overdue! We all have broken countless glasses over the years and if you have kids, forget about it…the amount of broke glasses is staggering!

Fear the broken glass no more because these BPA-Free, lightweight and flexible pint glasses will never break! The glasses are re-usable and dishwasher safe! The price point is nice too, only $15 – $19 for a set of two!


5. USB-Powered Pac-Man Ghost Light

Whether you are young or old, this Pac-Man light is the bomb dot com!

The USB-powered mood lights phase through 16 different colors in Standard Mode. In Party Mode they flash and cycle through the Inky, Blinky, Pinky & Clyde spectrum to the beat of your favorite jams. An adjustable sensitivity dial on the back also lets you tweak the party setting for calibrated reactions to loud or quiet music. Price : $21


6. Air Bonsai Floating Tree

Now this is cool! It’s called the Air Bonsai and if you are into funky desktop decor then head over to their Kickstarter campaign page and dig into the history of these “little star” plants, and the good fortune they may bring.

7. ALFI Wood-Burning Hot Tub

No electricity, generators, plugs, or drain connections required for this bad boy!

Fill the Fire Hot Tub with water from your garden hose, fill its wire basket with firewood, and strike a match. The metal coils surrounding the wire basket conduct the heat from the flames, pushing it laterally into the tub. According to ALFI, thus process can heat the 220-gallon tub to 100 degrees in about 2 hours. While you’re waiting, enjoy a few glasses of bubbles from its built-in bar shelf, or roast some marshmallows over its fire.

To raise or lower the temperature of the hot tub water once heated, raise or lower the fire basket. A stainless steel windscreen panel attached to the chrome pipes keeps Fire Hot Tub soakers from catching fire themselves. Price : $3500.


8. Doggie Bungee Toy

For all you dog owners out there, this is a must have for your canine companion!

The Doggie Bungie Toy will provide hours of entertainment for your pup. Simply hang the bungie from a high tree branch and your little buddy is ready to have a good time! Price : $21.48



9. AMPY MOVE Wearable USB Motion Charger

AMPY MOVE is about the size of a deck of cards, but with a curved shape that conforms to the body if you decide clip it to your hip, arm, or leg. You can also just slip the battery into your pocket or bag to accrue charge. The device uses inductor technology to turn kinetic energy from movements–even small movements–into stored power. AMPY says an hour of focused exercise can produce 5 hours of smartphone standby use, or 24 hours of charge for a smartwatch, and that using the MOVE to charge a device is just as fast as using an outlet. AMPY MOVE also comes with an accessory kit, which includes a Go Clip and Sport Band for securing it during exercise. Price : $100.

product 9

10. Oak Murphy Door – Hidden Room

Now this is an idea straight out of an old mystery movie!

This Murphy Door will hide any room in your home in a flash! When the door is installed, it simply looks like a funky bookshelf. Slide the bookshelf over a bit and it reveals the room or closet! A great idea if you are trying to keep valuables safe from burglars. Price : $1500.



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