10 Of The Most Outrageous Looking Cars That Are Actually Being Driven

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When it comes to ones personal vehicle, to each their own. Everyone has a different style or preference when it comes to their personal transport vehicle…but sometimes their style is so odd and extravagant that it turns heads everywhere they go!

These ten photos are some of the weirdest, strangest and downright outrageous looking vehicles on the roads today!

Enjoy! 🙂

1. What in God’s name is this thing?

rid car1

2. I wonder how many curbs this guy hits?

rid car2

3. At least all these pennies are adding value to this little s**t box

rid car3

4. Have to give the guy credit for ingenuity…and look at that website advertisement!

rid car4

5. There are no words for this god awful hung O’ junk!

rid car5

6. This is certainly odd, yet nice all at the same time!

rid car6

7. Ronald McDonald’s Hummer?

rid car7

8. Holy s**t, it’s the sea on wheels!

rid car8

9. This is just plain ridiculous. Something tells me this is driven by a single male who is in this store purchasing a Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boy!

rid car9

10. This truly looks like a Barbie car…but it is being driven by Ken clearly.

rid car10

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