10 Previously Unpublished Photos Of The REAL Colonel Sanders Founder Of KFC

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Colonel Sanders is an important personality behind the success of the famous fastfood chain- KFC. The secret spice recipe by Colonel Sanders has been a mystery for years and is the reason behind its authentic taste. KFC has reintroduced Colonel Sanders to the spotlight recently. Portraying him as a patriotic man with George Bush like tendencies with a comedic side. A great marketing move by the food chain, but who was the real Colonel Sanders?

Colonel Sanders, a stylish businessman who owned more than 200 custom canes and really did wear that iconic white suit everywhere he went for the last few decades of his life. The man failed many times over the years in regards to his business, but he finally hit it right with KFC and he is known as a legend around the world.

Here are some photo’ of the REAL Colonel Sanders from his hay day!


KFC – Colonel Sanders hard at work in the kitchen wearing his signature black ribbon tie underneath his apron (circa 1970).


KFC – Colonel Sanders rides in a horse and buggy (circa 1960).


KFC – Dressed in a white conductor-style jumpsuit, Colonel Sanders steps off a locomotive with the help of his wife (circa 1960).


KFC – Colonel Sanders oversees his famous Kentucky Fried Chicken as it cooks in the kitchen (circa 1970).


KFC – Colonel Sanders taste tests one of his Kentucky Fried Chicken recipes (circa 1970).


KFC – Colonel Sanders sitting in a park (circa 1960).


KFC – Colonel Sanders proudly displays photo of Sanders Café next to “Birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken” sign (circa 1970).


KFC – Colonel Sanders stands in front of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant (circa 1960).


KFC – Colonel Sanders poses in his signature white suit with hands raised (circa 1970).


KFC – Colonel Sanders shows off a bucket of his award-winning Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken (circa 1970).


Here’s footage of Sanders when he made an appearance on the TV game show “What’s My Line?” in 1963. In it, a panel tries to guess what Sanders does for a living, and Sanders belts out that his chicken is “finger lickin’ good!”

Source : Youtube