10 Terrific Travel Hacks For Sydney Flyers

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Travel is an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience. However, obstacles can pop up along the way whichcan make it challenging.

So before you jet off out of the Harbour City, arm yourself with some top quality travel hacks – here are 10 of the best. 

1. Wear flight socks 


Sitting for too long on a plane not only leads to aches and pains, but can also result in serious conditions such as blood clots. Invest in a pair of compression socks which reduce the risk of DVT by aiding your circulation.

2. Pack dryer sheets

Dryer sheets will stop the odour from your dirty clothes contaminating your suitcase and clean clothes,ensuring they remain fresh and fragrant. 

3. Be seat savvy

Not all plane seats are equal, so if you’re considering paying to upgrade, you want to make sure you’re getting the best value for money. The best way to do this is by installing the SeatGuru app which has reviews and recommendations on seats across all airlines. 

4. Charge devices using a TV


If your accommodation is short on plug sockets or you forget your adapter, most TVs now have USB ports which allow you to charge your electronics.

5. Email yourself a passport scan

Losing your passport is one the worst things that can happen to you on holiday. However, you can minimise the difficulty of securing a replacement by emailing a scan of your passport to yourself. 

6. Unpack essentials only

By unpacking just your essentials, you’ll find it easier and quicker to pack when it’s time to leave and you’ll be less likely to leave anything behind. 

7. Books using a VPN


Holiday prices can sometimes vary depending on your location. So try using a VPN on your computer which makes it look like you’re browsing from a different place.  Check out this VPN guide on advice site Lifehacker for more information. 

8. Use folder clips

A folder clip is a fantastic multi-use travel item. You can use it to secure and protect sharp objects such as razors and wrap your earphones and cables around the handles to prevent them from tangling. 

9. Withdraw money abroad

You should use the cash machines abroad to draw local currencyrather than those at airports – exchange rates tend to be lower in your location. 

10.Drive to the airport 

Save yourself the stress of relying on capricious public transport to get you to the airport on time by driving instead. In doing so, you have full control over your route and the time that you travel at. Remember to pre-arrange your parking too –book Sydney Airport Parking on Looking4.comand you’ll find a range of options and deals to suit your needs. 

With these helpful hacks to hand, you’ll be all set for fun and easy-going travel adventure. 

That’s our list! Share your favourite travel hacks in the comments section.