10 Tips To Keep Your House Super Clean With Pets

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Hey, my dear pet lover! Troubled by the crazy mess your beloved four-legged animal makes every day? Tired of living with the awful stench of poop and pee?

Well, do not worry because not all superheroes wear a cape, some happen to write blogs.

So today we will give you some amazing tips to keep your house super clean even if you own a pet.

A healthy home is important for healthy living, for both you and your pet. We have listed 10 proven tips for pet owners to make your house feel super clean and tidy!


1. A Clean Pet Means A Clean House

What do you do to feel clean? – You shower, right? The same applies to your pet.

Try not to miss bath sessions because your little friends are furry and super playful. So they sweat and get dirty a lot. That will lead to bad smell and dirty house.

Use shampoos specially made for pets and keep your pet dry. You wouldn’t want them to leave footmarks all over the house. The main idea should be keeping your pet as clean as you keep yourself. Hygiene matters.


2. Choose The Right Material For Your Furniture

Kiss your ultra-soft feather foam sofa sets goodbye. Pets happen to love peeing on really expensive sofas and couches. So, keep your pooch off your cotton or linen furniture.

This type of fabric absorb liquids and often gets stained. Rather, invest in materials which will be easy to clean, like leather or rexine. It will not hold on the odor or your pet’s hair and will look much cleaner.


3. Please Invest In Some Good Cleaning Products

Source: http://www.absolutecarpetcare.com/

Get a vacuum cleaner right away if you don’t already have one.

If your house has a carpet, and you own a cat or dog, you can’t survive without a vacuum cleaner. Most furry pets are a little difficult to maintain because of shedding.

Buy good carpet cleaners with a powerful suction feature so that you can get rid of all the hair hidden in your rugs. If you happen to own multiple pets then your ideal choice should be Full-sized Cleaners.

Getting a Hoover is also recommended if you want a clean, stench-free home.

Bonus Tip:

Make sure you clean the filters of your vacuum so that it doesn’t get clogged with hair.


4. Keep A Separate Cleaning Place For Your Dear Pet

Please keep a designated station for your pet for cleaning and grooming purposes. Just how you need your dressing room, your fluffy friend also needs space.

This way you will not have to clean the whole house if your dog comes home covered in dirt. Make the cleaning place outside somewhere or closer to the main door so that your doggo can get a wash before entering the house.

If there is a lack of space, then simply keep the stuff required for wiping a muddy doggo and clean its paws. Invest in a doormat, that’s washable of course.


5. Do Not Keep Cleaning For The Next Day

If you skip cleaning even for one day, it will spread the odor in the whole house. The smell gets worse with every passing day. In such cases, your house will automatically feel unclean.

Your pet’s bed and clothes may stink if not washed often. Try to use washing liquids and soaps which are fragrant to beat the odor.


6. Brushing Is Important If You Have A Dog

Do you think you have the worst when it comes to hair fall? Wait till you own a dog. They shed all over your couch, bed, carpet, toilet, food, everything!

To control that, make time to brush your doggo and reduce the shedding. There are many brushes available for dogs and at least brush them 3 times a day. This way they will always look neat and groomed.

Bonus Tip:

You can also spray a little bit of baby cologne on the comb before brushing to make your doggo friend smell nice.


7. Buy Durable Materials

Some pets are super playful. So, buy products for the house which are durable and not fragile.

Investing in easily breakable objects is a big NO.


8. Keep Breakable Objects Out Of Your Pet’s Reach

It does not matter which kind of pet you own, they will bring down destruction if you expose them to breakable objects.

So, try to keep those products out of your beloved pet’s reach. You will thank me later.


9. Let Your House Breathe

Source: https://im.indiatimes.in/

Open your doors and windows twice a day and let some fresh air get in.

If you own pets, you would need some fresh air once in a while. It will prevent bad odor and you won’t feel suffocated.

Let some oxygen flow into the house, human!


10. Set Some Ground Rules

It’s your house, you’ll set the rules.

Train your dog to not enter the house when it’s covered in mud. Also, not to jump on the sofa or bite your cushions.

Try to potty train your doggo and keep a place of the house restricted for entry. This way, at least when you don’t feel like cleaning and have guests over, you can take them there.



Owning a pet requires a bit of patience. Just how love requires patience.

Keeping a house clean with a pet can be quite a challenge. You must take care of your pet and help them adapt to a certain type of house rules. Dogs are generally very obedient and often imitates what you do. Train them well and they will learn not to create a mess to begin with.


Author Bio:

Shawn is a content writer at FeedFond. He’s a doting father not only to his two children but also to his two Golden Retrievers. Check out more of his articles at FeedFond.com.