10 Tips To Shop Crazy And Shop Smart

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Have you exhausted the funds in your salary account even before it is the end of the month? Have monthly bills, grocery shopping, gym membership, and a few night outs with friends left you with no money to shop that lovely black dress you have been eyeing at your favorite store window for a very long time?

Well, splurging and spending may not need any skills, but saving money on purchases do require a little bit of smart thinking and skills. Our top 10 tips will help you become a smart shopper and save you some buckson your next shopping spree.


Stick To the Shopping List 

Before you head out shopping, quickly rummage through your inventory and note down the things you need. Most of the people end up buying extra stuff in the store. However, having a list and plan for your purchases will help you avoid impulsive buying. Carry limited cash that is enough to cover the items in your list. This will help you be mindful of the urge to buy things that you do not need.


Compare, Compare, and Compare

A crucial aspect of shopping, especially when it comes to big items like electronics, furniture, appliances, and sometimes even clothing. Don’t just buy the stuff when you see a price tag. There are a whole lot of dealers and wholesale retailers offering goods at a reasonable price.

Online portals offer great deals and bestselling products at a competitive price. Don’t forget to run a quick comparison check using Google Shopping, ShopSavvy, and Shopzilla that allow you to see prices for both physical and online shops. These tools will save you lots of money and time.


Might There Be Coupon Out There?

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When it comes to shopping online, there is always a coupon code out there waiting to be used. If you have time to look through a few pages of content, you must look for a coupon code that might make your purchase economical.

While some stores offer coupon code to provide their consumers a good deal. Others offer the same benefit with a promise of subscribing to their newsletter. Sign up to their website using multiple email accounts and gather coupon codes for some extra benefit. Even, we can find the coupon codes and deals online through some third-party websites like curateddeals, retailmenot, Groupon, etc., Cashbacks and loyalty points are some of the ways to save a good deal of your sum.



Never hesitate to negotiate. While for most of the items negotiating might be a waste of time, there are still plenty of items with a little room for a wiggle such as watches like Breitling, electronics, home appliances, products with minor damage, or clothes with a blemish. In some situations, the salesperson may not budge, but in others, you may just get lucky. A salesperson might be able to offer you a small or extra discount in such situations. So, never be shy to ask for discounts.


Check Reviews

When it comes to buying an aircon, laptop, smartphones, and tablets, it is best to do some investigation. Never buy such things on an impulse. Going through the best review sites will help you learn better about the product and different variants that might be more suitable for your budget, requirement, usage, and other preferences.


Doubtful? Postpone the Purchase

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Many times, we find ourselves in a conflict with the things we need and things we want. This can be flustering, especially when you are on a shoestring budget. So, such a situation arises where you cannot decide whether to buy or not buy, leave the store, postpone the purchase. It will give you more time to contemplate your decision and chances are you will be saving some money.


Use Credit or Debits Cards for Extra Reward Points 

Shopping on credit and debit cards is more beneficial than purchasing with cash. Most of the cards offer reward points that can either be redeemed or used to buy other products, flight tickets or even pay your credit card bill partially. No such benefit can be earned using cash.


Don’t Go Beyond the Classics 

The problem with fashion wear is that it gets obsolete quickly. Trends come and go faster than the products’ life. Therefore, experts suggest investing in classic pieces that are going to be in fashion for a long time like a mini skirt, an impressive Black trouser, rugged jean, boots, classic nude stilettos and more. Trust us; these items will come to your rescue when you are clueless about what to wear.


Shop Off-Season

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The end of season sale is a great time to shop and save. Since stores are making room for the new collection of the season, you might get a great discount at this time. So, it is best to buy sweaters at the end of winter and hoard them for next Christmas.


Look for Budget-Friendly Curated Deals

Curated deals are the next big thing. There are several websites dedicated to bring curated deals for fashion wear, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, etc. Designed by expert recommendation, these deals get you exclusive items that are not sold by other retailers at a budget-friendly price.

There are a lot of ways to shop to maximize your shopping budget. Making a list, using coupon codes, reward points, and negotiating are just a few ways to save some extra bucks until you have enough to splurge on your guilty pleasures without feeling guilty. Use these tips to shop next time and avoid busting your budget unnecessarily.