10 Top Methods Seniors Can Get Big Savings On Dental Care

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When people think about health care, they equate this to expenses, and the same goes for dental care. Luckily, Medicare is there to assist with medical bills. For most, unfortunately, dental care is not part of the plan. Simply put, seniors can expect to shell out more should they incur dental expenses along the way.

One dental implant can cost as much as $6,000. Costs add up to staggering amounts until they become too expensive to cover. But before you start shelling out money for these expenses, it’s imperative that you find ways to explore options. Below are 10 helpful ways that seniors can avail of dental care for little to no money at all.



1. Dental Schools

All over the different U.S. states, students enrolled in the dentistry program are required to undergo training before they are considered practicing dentists. If you need some work done, look for a school nearby. There may be several options there for you because many would be more than willing to take you in for a discount. This is a way for students to acquire hands-on experience. Should you have concerns, you also need to know that these procedures are overseen by a professional. You get the same quality treatment at a cheaper price.

However, you may need to wait for an appointment. Moreover, there is a possibility that you’ll have several students peering into your mouth. If this isn’t a problem, then go ahead and go for this. Think about it, you’re actually helping future dentists in their training.


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2. Veterans Affairs

Those who have joined and served for the U.S. armed forces are eligible for a partial or complete dental coverage. They can avail of this through the Veterans Affairs dental care benefits. The type of coverage will vary on the type of situation you’re in. For more details, they have a website that talks about what you’re eligible for. Should you decide to apply for the benefits, you can do this online, through the phone, or via the local Veterans Service Organization.

If you aren’t viable for the benefits, you may still receive dental insurance at a discounted rate. The information needed is elaborated in their website.



3. Give Back a Smile

For victims of abuse, whether domestic or sexual in nature, there is a way for you to get help for a dental injury. Give Back a Smile is there to serve you at all times. Injuries sustained during the abuse are covered so long as these have happened in the past year. You also need to be living apart from the one who assaulted you.

To avail of this, there is a $20 fee for the service. If this is still too steep for you, you can have this waived. You just need to volunteer some of your time at a charity that you choose for at least 10 hours.



4. Dental Lifeline Network

This charity organization provides care to those who suffer from a permanent disability, those who are 65 years or older, or those who are considered medically fragile. The Dental Lifeline Network has volunteer dentists who give a portion of their time to those who need it. They also have laboratories that are volunteered to go with the cause.

The dental services available are dedicated to those who are unable to afford necessary treatments and cannot get public assistance for this. Right now, the donated dental services have surpassed $493 million. These have now performed dental therapies for over 165,000 people all over.


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5. TeethWisdom.org

There is a website called Teeth Wisdom that’s dedicated to senior oral health. If you visit the site, you’ll come across updated and reliable information on several oral health concerns that affect the older population. This website offers a wealth of helpful information that’s meant to inform you about potential remedies for a variety of ailments without having to visit your neighborhood dentist.

Should you require professional medical help, they also can recommend a low-cost dentist near you.


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6. Dial 211

All you need to do is dial 2-1-1 to connect to an certified representative who can assist you with different types of concerns. They’re also most known to provide their clients with valuable health care resources within the area. This means that dental care is covered.

The organization has been supported by United Way. They have the resources you need for information on dental health needs. The conversations with the 211 phone specialists will be treated as confidential. You are not required to divulge you name as well. The USA branch covers over 20 million requests per year.


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7. Health Resources and Services Administration

The Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) is an organization with a copious amount of health care programs. They provide services to those who are geographically isolated or economically and medically vulnerable. You may be eligible to be a recipient on a number of grants for dental health.

This is an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with a total of $12 billion in budget. They aim to service primary health care to nearly 30 million people. If you don’t have insurance for an oral health need, the HRSA is there to offer assistance.


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8. The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics

The NAFC has a clear mission and that is to ensure that the medically underserved are able to gain access to affordable quality health care. There are around 1,400 Free and Charitable Clinics and Charitable Pharmacies in the U.S. They cater to the marginalized by offering quality health care. On an annual basis, they serve around 2 million Americans.

They cater to a variety of needs, with dental care as a part of their service. In order to find a clinic near you, simply contact them. They will also guide you to see if you are eligible to for their services.


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9. Mission of Mercy

The Mission of Mercy is a nonprofit faith-based organization. They don’t have funding from the federal government. Rather, they provide free services without the need to prove residency or financial standing. Right now, they only have four available clinics in the following states: Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas. While you don’t need to live in these area, you may need to drive to one of their clinics.

It must be noted that while they have a comprehensive list of medical care, the Arizona locations do not cover dental care.


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10. Dental Savings Plan

Lastly, there’s the dental savings plans, or dental discount plans. Many are flexible and affordable. These are a great alternative to the conventional insurance to dental care. DentalPlans.com is a leading provider for this. They offer around 10 to 60 percent savings on the usual expenses.

When you avail, you can opt for a deductible instead of a monthly payment scheme. The requires a one-time annual fee. The moment payment is made, you will be provided with access to nationwide dental discounts. Members may visit an affiliated dentist. Just bring the membership card when you go for a procedure.



Dental insurance plans are oftentimes pricey, and the procedures are expensive and unaffordable for many people. Medicare does cover a sizeable portion of the cost, especially for seniors, but these plans don’t cover dental health, something that is just as crucial for the older population. The good news is that there are other options available, especially for the Americans.

This comprehensive list for free and discounted dental services will be extremely helpful for them. This allows people to stop worrying about the finances incurred for healthcare services. A beautiful smile is still attainable, you just have to know where the help is. Your job is to simply research and look into the myriad of options found in the list above. You can finally regain that wonderful smile of yours without breaking the bank.