10 Toys From The 1990’s That Are Worth A Small Fortune Today!

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I was kid during the 80’s and early 90’s and I had a lot of the toys mentioned below! Toys and electronics were booming during this time period and if you were smart enough to keep some of these toys in good condition…you may have a small fortune on your hands!

If you have some old toys and such…take a few moments and look them up on Ebay to get a general idea as to what they are selling for right now. Make sure you look at completed sales. You always want to base value on what similar or exact items have sold for in the recent past. 

1. Castlevania ‘Dracula X’ for SNES

You can sell your copy of this game and make a mortgage payment. It’s worth around $900, depending on the condition of the box and the game. You can still buy an SNES right on Amazon too! 

2. Hot Wheels Trea$ure Hunt Series Collection

This collection still sealed in the box could fetch you up to $1500! Got to love Hot Wheels

3. Old Wrestling VHS Tapes

You may not still have your old VCR, but if you have some old wrestling VHS tapes kicking around…they could be worth up to $200 to the right buyer!

4. Polly Pocket

Good ‘Ol Polly Pocket can put some serious cash in your pocket! The early sets can snag a cool $600!

5. Old RC Cars and Trucks!

Remember the days when Radio Shack used to be the coolest place to pick up a remote controlled vehicle? Well, if you happen to have one that is still in the box…or even unused and out of the box…it could be worth nearly $700!

6. Furby

Furby’s made a strong comeback in recent years, but if you have one of the originals from back in the 1990’s, you could be looking at a $700 payday!

7. G.I. Joe Missile Command Headquarters

This G.I. Joe Missile Command Headquarters set is worth some serious, serious cash! Have one of these kicking around and you could snag up a cool $3,000 big ones!

8. Old LEGO’s

Old LEGO’s can fetch a good amount of money. The LEGO sets from the 90’s can sell for around $500. 

9. Original Super Soakers

Some of my fondest summer memories involve a Super Soaker! These high powered water guns from the 90’s can sell for upwards of $500!

10. Beauty And The Beast VHS

This one is hit or miss and there is really only one version of the very early, popular VHS tape that fetches big money. If you happen to have the very first ever release of the video, in great condition…you could possibly get up to $1,000 for it! 

I’m pretty sure everyone had the Beauty And The Beast movie!