10 Unknown Islands With Enchanting Beauty

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The islands on Planet Earth are innumerable and there are some that are totally unknown. The “Islands of Mystery” are not known to tourists and are on the list of the most impressive unknown islands of the world.

Ulleungdo, South Korea

“Island without contamination, snakes and thieves!” Ulleungdo Island is known among the South Koreans, who choose it to go on vacation to it, especially those who want an adventure. A simple paradise on earth, located between South Korea and Japan, is an ideal place especially for those who love hiking along the coast but also cool dives in clear blue waters. You sure need to visit this island.

Torres Strait Islands, Australia

More than 100 islands form the Torres Strait islands, extending from the Cape York Peninsula in Australia to the border with Papua New Guinea. However, only three of the Torres Strait islands “accept” tourists, while the rest are inhabited by locals. Each of the Torres Strait Islands has unique cultures and languages, while natural beauties simply take a breath!

Yaeyama Islands, Japan

The Yaeyama Islands, together with Miyako and Okinawa Islands, are the three main island complexes of the Okinawa Islands. Tropical vegetation, impressive beaches, diving and traditional lifestyle make these islands one of the most popular destinations for escape, especially for those who want to escape the bustling city-life in the metropolis of Japan.

Socotra Island, Yemen

This heavenly place is an unknown island to most of the people, except of the locals, with an odorous environment and a “treasure” of biodiversity, as here you will find thousands of animals and plants that are nowhere else on Earth. Beaches with white sand and blue waters end up with an unlikely trip to adventure!

Iles du Salut, French Guiana

It is located in the Atlantic Ocean, a short distance from the northern coast of Latin America, and consists of three major islands: Royale, Saint-Joseph and Diable – the famous “Devil’s Island” which from 1852 to 1946 was a prison for political prisoners, including Drayfus. Initially, the whole cluster was called IIes du Diable, and after 1946 the name Iles du Salut prevailed. It is distinguished by the lush landscapes and the impressive bottom, ideal for diving enthusiasts.

Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

It is located in the middle of Phang Nga Bay, not far from Phuket, and is one of the last “strongholds” of virgin wildlife in the area. For this reason, it has been on the World Heritage list since 2002, while the whole island is distinguished for its eco-friendly tourism development. Numerous traditional villages and residents who remain loyal to the customs and customs of the past and some of the best diving spots in the world make Koh Yao Noi the best place to be.

Sovalye Island, Turkey

The island of Sowave is located just 20 minutes from the busy Fethiye harbor on the Lycia coast in Turkey. With no cars and a single accommodation for the lucky guests, it stands out for the impressive white beaches and the lush vegetation.

San Blas Archipelago, Panama

San Blas consists of scattered small islands (350-400) with white sand and tall palm trees reaching up to the turquoise waters. Forget the luxurious hotel complexes, as the only accommodations on the island are the houses of the fishermen and for dinner at the table. What they make of their days is their choice, and may well be enlivened by having a good boat.

Kelor Island, Indonesia

You may be a guest at a Bali wedding and have the night of your life, but after that great night, you really need to visit Kelor Island in Indonesia, as it is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the archipelago.