10-Year-Old Girls Inspirational Note To Her Mom Will Brighten Up Your Day!

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Kids are truly the most thoughtful little creatures on the planet! Reddit user thats_taken_also recently posted the sweetest inspirational note from her young daughter and shared it online, calling it “inspiration from my 10 year old daughter.”

Honestly, the note is 100% spot on! If we all took a moment and took this little girls advice, the world would truly be a better place. It is a simple, yet powerful group of words put together in the right order guaranteed to lift the spirits of anyone who reads it! 


For those who can’t make out the sloppy, elementary school handwriting, the note reads:

You are great.

You are awesome.

So pull your head up and just say “I am awesome and cool.

“I am who I am and I can do anything.

“I am say your name.”

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