10-Year-Old Gymnast’s Pool Routine Goes Viral In Less Than 24 Hours

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Myka VanWales had almost given up on gymnastics, but we are so glad she stuck with it! Her mother Kelle has been posting videos and photos of her daughter’s amazing skills on Instagram and YouTube for over three years. Recently a video of Myka’s amazing water gymnastics caught someone’s eye.

The video Myka’s incredible swimming pool routine was turned into an awesome GIF on Imgur that got over 1.6 million views in just 17 hours!

Myka is flipping on what appears to be a version of an Aqua Lily pad, remember that pad…we featured it earlier this summer and millions of peeps loved it!

Anyways, Myka is definitely putting a new twist on gymnastics and the web can’t get enough of it!


Here is more from Myka! Check her out on Instagram!


…and more from Myka! Check her out on Instagram!

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