1,000-Year-Old Viking Coins Found In Cornfield by Young Girl With Metal Detector

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A girl metal detecting in northwestern Denmark discovered nearly 300 silver coins dating back more than 1,000 years ago.

The hoard was discovered in a farmer’s field at a place called Bramslev, near to the Medieval fort of Fyrkat built by the famous Viking warlord Harald Blåtand (Bluetooth), and was also found alongside a silver ring pin that had been cut in half.

The coins were made around years 970-980.

“The two silver treasures constitute a fantastic story in themselves, but to find them abandoned in a settlement only eight kilometers from Haralds Blåtand’s Viking fortress Fyrkat is incredibly exciting,” says archaeologist and museum inspector at North Jutland Museums, Torben Trier Christiansen.

It is unclear if the hoard was buried in haste after a battle, due to the location of the hoard. The hoard was buried near a prominent old battle ground. However, another theory is that the hoard was buried because many people used to think that if one should die — they will be able to come back and dig up the treasure in the afterlife.

Such a cool find!