11 Crazy Addicting Websites To Waste All Of Your Time On

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Have a little time to waste? Then check out some of these websites put together by NuclearFishion over on Imgur. They’re guaranteed to make time go by a little bit faster as well as tickle your curiosity while exercising your brain.

Some of these time wasting websites are ridiculously satisfying.

You may get some nasty glares as passerby see what you’re doing on your computer, but who cares! Play on. Be careful though; they’re a tad addicting.



In this cool little music website you create and alter little wormy things that make music for you. Use the pad on the left to control the notes and the lines along the bottom to alter pitch.

The little icons above him will change what kind of sound he makes. Just click on any wormy to edit him and click +add to make more. You can make really cool stuff with this and it’s fun to just listen to.


Gentile Brain


This one is pretty simple but also surprisingly satisfying. His big brain will mold around and avoid your cursor and you can push it off the edge, only to find that a new one falls from the sky. Its fun to just mess with and see how it interacts with your mouse.


Tactile Tentacle


By the same guys that made Gentile Brain, this one uses the power of optical illusions to truly mess with your mind. It uses clever colored circles that shrink and move around relative to your mouse. They’ll waggle all over the place in super weird ways.




At first glance it may look like just a regular page full of the same optical illusion square, but the real fun starts once you grab one. Just click and drag a box up or down and the boxes next to that one will rise up with it.

And the one next to them, and the one next to them, and.. well you get the point. Some pretty cool chain reactions happen making it look kinda like an ocean.


Jack The Fabric Ripper


Just another gimmicky site to waste time on. This one turns your cursor into a knife and you can interact with a giant web of fabric however you want cutting and piercing anywhere you choose. Surprisingly satisfying.


The End Of Us


A short game with a touching storyline where you play as an asteroid flying through space with another asteroid. The game was designed to invoke feelings of friendship and emotion and I tell you what it worked for me. 10/10 IGN would recommend again.




An MMO? not too sure about this one but sort of like and endless minecraft server where everyone is creative but like a 2d sidescroller. The basic concept is you play with other people and move to the outer reaches of the world to claim your area to build whatever your heart desires. Its a nice little game that definitely a one-of-a-kind.




I’m not sure what to call this its a mix between a game and just some time wasting website but anyway, in this one you get an empty page and you click to create a planet and choose its direction, then make other planets to try and create an orbit. It’s surprisingly difficult but fun.


Torn City


Semi Text Based Online RPG MMO. Freaking. Amazing. In this game you start out getting the whole RPG tutorial thing you know the drill but after that you are thrown into a world full of real people also playing in the servers. It isn’t focused on being Text Based, there are lots of other elements but it is the first of its kind I have seen.

You can build a life and even get married, buy a house, or you can be a street thug and mug people. Or you can even choose to travel the world, collecting things as you go. Really fun ride, although time investment is needed. Its not just a web game its a real involvement game that requires dedication.




Some of you might know this one but if you don’t, well welcome to free movies. This is literally a website that streams movies, although most new releases are shitty quality. It will have almost any movie you can think of in pretty decent quality, no strings attached.


Pixlr Editor


An extremely comprehensive tool that acts almost exactly like Photoshop, but completely web based! No downloads needed! This is a freaking awesome site!



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