11 Hilarious Office Pranks In 2020 That (Hopefully) Won’t Get You Fired

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There is nothing better than pulling off a good office prank. Messing with co-workers is basically a right of passage and if we learned anything from the Jim Halpert from TV show The Office — pranks are good for the soul.

If you are going to prank a co-worker, there are a few rules that you should always follow:

  • Don’t Destroy Anyone’s Property. That goes for office or personal property. Anything you do should be reversible. Don’t ruin the paint on someone’s car, or break someone’s monitor, or stain their clothing. That’s not a prank, that’s straight up vandalism.
  • Don’t Cause Major Disruptions. The best office pranks surprise and delight. They may even cause a minor disruption in the work day – the kind that makes people pop their heads up from their desks and smile (or shake their head). But don’t do anything that would cause a major disruption or otherwise harm your business. We’re talking about things like pulling the fire alarm, unleashing noxious stink bombs, or unplugging your company’s servers (as tempting as that might be).
  • Don’t Cause Bodily Injury. Obvi.
  • Don’t Cross the Line. Ever heard of the phrase “hostile work environment?” Well, let’s hope you never do (especially coming from your lawyer or your company’s Head of HR). Use good judgment. We know you’d never do this, but don’t engage in humor that pokes fun at anyone’s race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual-orientation. That’s never ok in the workplace. Even if your intent isn’t malicious, you can still lose your job and/or put your company at risk. Plus, it’s just not cool.

Ok. Now you are ready to check out a few awesome prank ideas for the office!

1. Body Spray/Cologne Bomb

The entire premise of this prank is to rig up a can of body spray under a persons office chair — so that when they sit down, it sprays!

First, you will want to adjust the ‘victims’ chair so that when you sit down, there is a little give. Then, duct tape a can of body spray under their chair, so when they sit — the chair presses down on the body spray can and activates it! Then…plug your nose and try not laugh.

This is also fun to do with an air horn too! Oooh…maybe a combo prank could be pulled off here! 

2. The old family photo swap prank!

When your co-worker is away from their desk, replace their family/friend photos with weird pics from celebrities or farm animals. Nick Cage pics work well too!

3. Replace every photo on your co-workers computer with Nick Cage

That’s right…there is a Google Chrome extension that will turn every single photo on your co-workers browser, to one of Nick Cage! Imagine how frustrated your co-worker would be! The extension is called nCage.

4. Flip the computer screen upside down!

This is a great prank to pull and one that will frustrate your victim to no end!

All you need is an unlocked computer, a few seconds and quick fingers.

Step 1: When they aren’t looking, sneak onto your victim’s computer.

Step 2: Flip their screen. On a Windows PC, hit control+alt+F1 to activate image rotation. Hold the ctrl and alt keys and use the down arrow to rotate the screen.

On a Mac, go to system preferences and click the “Displays” tab. From there choose 180 degrees on the rotation menu. (Only works with external displays.) Close out of system preferences when you’re done.

5. The Fake Computer Update!

Fakeupdate.net has created realistic looking update animations to make your coworkers think their computer is in the middle of an important, frustratingly slow system update. The best part? The update will never finish. Status bars inexplicably creep forward and backwards, and when your co-worker inevitably hits the enter key, the blue screen of death or some other hilarious, annoying message appears.

6. The Hidden Penny

This prank isn’t so much a prank…as it is emotional and psychological torture.

You will need some patience to pull this one off, but it is the prank that just keeps on giving!

Every day…or every other day…place a penny on the desk of your ‘victim’. Place one under their coffee, keyboard or just leave on their desk. Obviously you want to do this when they have stepped away from their desk.

Than…sit back, relax and just watch them as they go nuts for weeks and weeks at a time!

7. The Broken Mouse

This is a simple, yet effected prank. All you have to do is place a little piece of tape over the sensor on the bottom of your victims mouse. When they try to use the mouse…the cursor will be all over the screen and they will have little to no control over it!

8. Tinfoil Mayhem

This is a play on the old prank where you cover every single items on someone’s desk with wrapping paper. However, you simply replace wrapping paper with tin foil. The beauty of this prank is…when your victim comes into work — not only are they pissed that their stuff is covered in tin foil — it will be super loud and annoying to unwrap!

9. The Ghost of the Paperclip

Here’s a super simple prank that you can pull off using only office supplies.

Step 1: Place a paperclip in the upper left hand corner of the scanning bed of your company’s copier. Make sure you position it so that it’s exactly where you’d place an actual paper clip.

Step 2: Make a sizable amount of copies. (200 will do nicely.)

Step 3: Put the copies back into the printer tray.

Step 4: Watch the confusion on your co-workers’ faces as they try to remove non-existent paper clips.

10. The Toilet Paper Hidden Spider

The is a classic and super effective prank! Even if you know the spider is there — you will jump!

Step 1: Go in the bathroom and unroll some of the toilet paper.

Step 2: Draw the outline of a sinister looking black widow spider on the top of the roll. The black outline contrasting against the white paper will catch your victim’s eye and cause a moment of panic.

Step 3: Revel in your wicked ways.

11. Chewbacca Roar Contest

Step 1: Circulate a flier announcing a fake “Chewbacca Roar Contest” in your neighborhood. The more fliers the better!

Step 2: Put an unsuspecting coworker’s phone number as the “Official Contest Number.”

Step 3: Watch as Chewie calls flood in. Also works with Christopher Walken impressions.


So there you have it! Some great prank ideas for you to put to good use! We always love hearing a good prank — so feel free to send us a message and let us know some of the epic pranks you have pulled before!