12 Holiday Cookie Cutter Ideas That Will Take Your Decorating To A New Level

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Cookie cutters are not just for baking folks! That’s right! Those decorative holiday cookie cutters can be used for so much more than just slicing through dough! 

Peppermint Melt!

You can easily create classic red and white ornaments by taking a metal cookie cutter and adding in a bunch of peppermints. Now place on a cookie sheet and it’s 350 degrees for 3 to 9 minutes. Finally, let cool and remove from the cookie cutter.


For The Birds!

The birds will enjoy these outdoor edibles! Use this birdseed recipe where you will need flour and gelatin so it stays intact. Put it into cookie cutters, put a straw on top for a ribbon hole, then let dry for about 3 plus hours. Slide the ribbon through the hole and hang!


Rustic Wood Ornaments

Take some rustic looking wood and use cookie cutters to trace patterns with. Now with a wood burning pen, you have a rustic wood ornament!


Simple & Stylish

You can use an actual cookie cutter as an ornament itself, simply by decorating it however you like!


Miniature Felt Mittens

Just put some wool inside a mitten shaped cookie cutter, and then use a felting needle to hold the shape!


Melted Bead Ornaments

Take some beads and put them into cookie cutters. Bake them on wax paper then allow them to cool before removing. You can find step by step instructions here.


Frame It!

Take your cookie cutter and put decorative paper inside it and frame! Very cool, and each year you can re-decorate with different paper.


Twine Rope Ornaments

Wrap around twine to give a textured look to these ornaments.



Trace Your Favorite Paper

Take you cookie cutter and use it to trace decorative paper. Do the same with some card stock to make it sturdy. Glue both sides with the traced paper. Now you can decorate it with glitter, bows, and even bells!


These Are Great Gifts!

Here are a few more ways to use decorative paper with cookie cutters.


Make A Scene!

For this you will need a cookie cutter and card stock (as backing). You can use a mason jar lid as well!

Trace your card stock, decorate your scene then glue to the back of your ornament while adding little holiday accessories to complete your scene!


Don’t Eat These Cookies

Using a salt dough mix, you can make these very festive ornaments. However, they are not edible!


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