11 One-Liners That Accurately Sum Up The Whole Marriage Thing

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Twitter users provide hilariously accurate things said about marriage. I have a feeling you may be able to relate!

1. “Marriage is basically like having a grown child who you’re constantly having to find things for — shoes, wallet, keys, contacts.”Ciara Hill

2. “Marriage is being pretty damn sure you could identify your husband in a pitch black room by his farts alone.” Laura Looch

3. “Marriage is when you eat food and ask, ‘Do you want some?’ but you’re hoping they’ll say no.” Gary Casper Muirhead

4.“Marriage is kissing your kid goodnight before your spouse and racing downstairs to get to the remote first.”Melissa Waldron

5. “Marriage is seeing who can pretend to be asleep longest when a kid or pet wants something.”Christine Wiedeman Summers

6. “Marriage is basically trying to remember when the other gets a haircut so you don’t forget to tell them it looks nice, even if it looks the same.” Paige Smith Radley

7. “Marriage is listening to your spouse tell the same joke to different people and trying to act amused every time.”Kathleen Snow

8. “Marriage is staying up late by yourself binge-watching Netflix while they snore loudly in the other room.”Mary Kathryn Elizabeth Drain

9. “Marriage is a partnership — she finds the bugs and I have to kill them.” Scott King

10. “Marriage is being able to say ‘go get your own ice cream’ and not really feeling bad about not sharing.” Whitney Van Zyl

11. “Marriage is basically stating very quickly all the things that you want or need done before the other person sits or lies down.” Jessica Kazakos

Source : Quotes Taken From Twitter Users.