12 Awesome Open Flame Grill Designs For Your Backyard Fire Pit

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If you have a backyard, you know that a fire pit is almost a must. If you have a fire pit, than you know that cooking food over that fire pit – is absolutely awesome!

There is nothing quite like sitting around a fire with friends and family and cooking up some burgers, steaks and hotdogs over an open flame! Just don’t forget the cold beer!

We have put together a few open flame grill designs for your backyard fire pit that are both awesome and functional. From simple to elaborate, they make an awesome addition to your backyard fire pit!

This is probably one of our favorite designs. A three level grilling and boiling machine! 

Then there is this. A homemade grilling wonder that can handle cooking up a serious amount of food!

This is a genius design! You can cook on three different levels! Each level can be adjusted up and down, further or closer to the flames. You can always swivel each level left and right! Brilliant!

This industrial beast is for the serious grill master! A large cast iron wheel will allow the cooking grates to be raised or lowered. 

This is similar to the grill setup above, but with a more retail look. Spin the wheel and raise the large cooking platform up and down over the flames! 

This simple design is unique and effective! You can raise for the lower the cooking platform.

The only downfall is that the cooking platform doesn’t have an open grate design. Open grate designs are great for grilling so you are able to take advantage of the smokey flavors! 

This unit is pretty simple, but definitely cool! The entire unit is sold as one. It comes with a cooking platform that can be raised or lowered and provides a decent sized cooking surface area. 

This homemade wonder is super cool! Made from a few tire rims and affixed with a smoke stack – you can load up the ‘rims’ with wood and toss your food on the top cooking platform! The only drawback – the rim designs typically rust over time. 

Yet another adjustable grilling platform! These are by far our favorite design! Perfect for cooking/grilling food to perfection! 

Don’t have a ton of money to spend on a backyard grilling set up? You don’t need to spend a lot. Build a fire pit out of brick or concrete blocks, grab a few regular grill grates and get to cooking!

Simple. Adjustable. Clean looking. Such a cool and functional design! 

This homemade bad boy is the ultimate grilling machine! This is truly for the grill master in your family! Three levels of grilling wonder! The grill platforms are HUGE!