12 Things Everyone Who’s Lived In Maine And Moved Away Has Thought At Least Once

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If you have lived in Maine and moved away from this great state…there is no doubt you have thought the following 12 things. 

1. You call this fresh lobster?

2. I really miss my one stop shop!

3. Why can’t anyone understand me?

4. What do you mean you have never heard of Moxie?

5. I miss my Atlantic Ocean 🙁

6. Why is this deadly spider here? I miss my daddy long legs.

7. I really miss shopping for outdoor gear at 3 a.m….in store.

8. Asked for blueberries at my new grocery store…was sent to the freezer section.


9. Ummm…no school for a dusting of snow? What???


10. What this f**k is this fake maple syrup crap?

11. Where the f**k is the Marden’s at???


12. I miss Maine


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