12 Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Pool

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These 12 Tips on how to keep your dog safe in the pool are common sense but it doesn’t hurt to review.

1. First make sure they are comfortable with water.

Try a kiddie pool before you go for jumping off the deep end or if your dog is shy around the pool.

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2. It’s not what kind of dog you have that determines the swimmer, it’s their personality.  You know your dogs personality, use it to your advantage.  

Not all dogs love the water like you do, be patient it may take a few years.

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3. Get a lifevest for your dog.

Find a comfy design by Kong that is both effective and visible.


4. Obedience training will help of course.

The first trick we teach our dogs is “Sit & Stay”.  The most important word is “Come”, this comes in very handy when wanting your buddy to come into the water.  Remember to start this on land and reward with a treat.  When in the water reward with double treats…Yum Yum!!!


5. Learn some pet CPR.

It’s one of those things it’s better to know and not need, than to need and not know. Dog CPR training is easy once you know.


6. Keep your eyeballs on your buddy while they play in the water.

Like children always keep an eye on your happy companion.  Dogs sometimes just go go go and it only takes a second for them breath in water.

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7. Common sense goes a long way here – Make sure your pup can get OUT of the pool.

Dogs will at some point get super tired and want to get out.  Show them first where the exit points are.  You can buy “Dog Ramps” for pools that many owners use.



8. Keep your pup cool.

According to the ASPCA, the natural summer heat intensifies near water, meaning you need keep your pup hydrated and have easy access to shade. Shade is important, I’m sure you’ve noticed your dog finding shade ASAP in hot climate.

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9. When your thirsty do you drink Pool water…neither should your pal.  

Chlorine doesn’t taste great nor is it good for anyone’s health, if you see your dog drinking please be smarter than that. We all know what pet water dispenser are.


10. Don’t let your dog have all the fun, get in there with them.  Bond some more!!

It’s been a long winter and it’s time to enjoy the hot days and warm water, jump in and have fun together.  Take bonding with your dog to another level.



11. Rinse with clean water after the pool.

For the same reasons why we provide fresh water, rinse your dog off after the pool, due to chlorine on their coat and they will lick themselves.  Make sure you clean their ears, infections suck.


Happy corgi after a bath

12. Sometimes Dogs and Kids don’t mix

For the most part dog and kids get along very well, and your super happy excited pooch may mean to bump into any children that are inches from the pool, but it can happen.  Just remember to keep an eye out.

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