13 People Who Were Accidentally So Photogenic That It Makes Us Jealous

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Looking great in photos isn’t something you’re born with. Being photogenic is a combination of confidence, knowing your best angles, and not shying away from the camera.

…unless you’re these freaks of nature, that is. Somehow, no matter what they’re doing, they look perfect. And it’s hard not to hate them, just a little bit.

1.) Oh, hey. You know. Just hurdlin’.

2.) Sports Illustrated better see this.

3.) Crawling through barbed wire is so hot right now.

4.) Is he fighting, or is he at home chilling on the couch? I seriously can’t tell.


5.) *swoon*

6.) Catching air? Check. Looking great while doing it? Double check.

7.) No one should look this good while giving birth…or after just being born.

8.) She gets ALL of the points for that smile.

9.) He won by TCS (Totally Charming Smile).

10.) Flames? Running? No sweat.

11.) SUP BRO!?

12.) Being partners in crime never looked so good.

13.) Nothing to see here, just being awesome.

(via Hello U)

These people are monsters. Beautiful, beautiful monsters.

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