13 Awesome Ways Terracotta Garden Pots Can Be Used!

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Clay terracotta pots are not just for planting flowers! From a mini lighthouse to BBQ smokers, clay pots can be transformed into cool and functional items for your home or garden.


Repurpose a terracotta pot into a classy accent table for your patio. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it’s functional and will resist windy outdoor conditions. All you have to do is flip it upside down, paint it, glue some rope around the “top” and you’re all set! – thriftyandchic.com


DIY Wind Chime : Make a sweet wind chime using tiny clay pots. All it takes is a coat of paint, twine to string the pots together and some washers to make the clanking sound in the wind. Full instructions can be found here.


When the weather warms up, it’s time for the meat to hit the grill! Do it a little bit different this BBQ season and make a clay pot smoker to add wonderful flavor to your meat. A DIY tutorial can be found here.


Beverage dispensers are a must have at picnic or BBQ party. Make a fun clay pot stand to hold the dispenser, and paint it sky blue to match the outdoors. Let the festivities begin! – refreshrestyle.com


These candle votive’s are easy to make and great when entertaining guests outside. All you need is some melted wax and a wick. You can even use a twig to keep the wick in place while you pour the wax. Cut the wick to 1/4 inch once the wax has hardened. – sugarandcharm.com


This little space heater can reach ambient temperatures upwards of 180 degrees Fahrenheit and is a great way to save on energy costs. It works by trapping the heat that would normally rise up to the ceiling and dissipate. To make your own, read the instructions here.


I’m sure you’ve probably heard of decorating your garden with gnomes. Well how about turning your clay pot into a garden mushroom! Full instructions for making this fun little project can be found here.


This adorable yard art was created with various sizes of clay pots that have been painted red.


Here’s something for the birds! Create a cute little feeder that gives them a place to relax and enjoy a bite to eat before they continue on their journey. Instructions can be found here.


If there’s only one DIY thing you make this year, it needs to be this! It’s a total treat for yourself. It just can’t get any better than your own personal s’mores roaster. To make this, put aluminum foil and charcoal in a small unglazed terracotta pot. The rest is melt in your mouth fun! – lancasteronline.com


Bake up a batch of flowerpot cupcakes for a whimsical spring gift! Make sure the clay pots are not glazed. You can also add a cupcake liner for extra protection. A recipe for this delightful treat can be found here.


These cute silverware caddies would be a great addition to a family picnic or buffet. – realsimple.com


With a bit of red and white paint and a lantern on top, you can make a cool little lighthouse for your garden. Maybe you’ll get lucky and see a magical garden fairy or two gather around the light at night. – thriftyfun.com


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