14 Of The Most Annoying Co-Worker Types

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Every office has them and you know exactly who they are! We have put together 14 #memes that explain some of the most annoying co-worker types. Enjoy!


1.) and they never have their own ibuprofen


2.) and they make the same non-funny comments over and over again, week after week


3.) Their pen could run out of ink and they act as though a tornado just took away their homestead


4.) Every office has one of these guys…a crazy lunatic


5.) These are the worst because they are horrible at keeping secrets yet will always say they won’t tell


6.) Don’t we love to hate these co-workers. You bust your bum and they slide right by and get all the credit!


7.) Most every office has a romance and they are all pretty much just like this


8.) They act like sending an email is the equivalent to programming NASA’s Mars Rover.


9.) and they use tissue after tissue or even carry around a hanky in their pocket…eww…gross


10.) You often catch them just sitting around chatting or browsing the net, acting as though the work has simply run dry for the day.


11.) These ones are the ones that could easily have a lawsuit filed against them for sexual harassment at least 12 times a day, every day.


12.) It could be a boss or just a regular…but you silently tell them to F off at least twice a day!


13.) Now this one…they almost make you just want to quit your job or call out on a daily basis


14.) You all work together, doing pretty much the same thing…yet this one co-worker’s desk looks like they have been on vacation for the last three and a half years.

Hope you enjoyed these. Remember to share…it might even be fun to share them with the people you feel are the annoying co-workers you work with:-)