14-Year-Old Singer/Songwriter Wows The Judges With His Incredible Talent

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At the time of this audition Jai Waetford was only 14-years-old. He walked out on the Australia’s Got Talent stage, a little nervous yet a little eager and told the judges a little bit about himself.

When it was time to start his performance, he lightly plucked his guitar strings and began to sing. From the moment he opened his mouth, everyone in the room could tell they were about to witness something special.

Jai has a voice that most people can only dream of having. Smooth tones with a hint of rasp, the crowd went nuts and the judges were stunned. At the end of his performance one of the judges asked Jai if he would sing an original song for them and that he did.

The emotional, well written original made the judges cry, and one in particular was completely overtaken with emotion by the words and melody.

Jai made it as far as the top three on Australia’s Got Talent, but his career has boomed ever since this performance. He has albums, singles and is a major Youtube star!

This video may be an oldie, but it is totally worth a re-share!

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(via – Youtube)