15 Awesome Added Services Innovative Hotels Have Surprised Guests With

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Source: https://www.italianbark.com/

If you often check into hotels, nothing catches your attention anymore. These hotel chains pretty much offer the same thing as their competitors. A business office with pallid interiors, a decent room with the usual cokes and nuts from the minibar, and a gym with about 5 lonely machines.

Today however, some hotels have realized that they have to level up their game and take hospitality one notch higher, to be apart from the norm. They’ve started incorporating effective, meaningful and personal touches as a user experience for their guests to enjoy. Whether it be freebies, out of this world interiors, or just a sense of humor, these hotels will surely make you want to book a room with them and come back for more.

Check out these innovative hotels below and let us know if you’ve been to any like these!


#1 What better hotel to spend a night in, when they actually remind you to steal the toiletries?


#2 Can’t sleep? Well this hotel has a number if you want to listen to some bedtime stories.


#3 Long gone are those days where you have to walk through a corridor to your hotel room. Now, we just go by kayak.


#4 Breakfast buffet pancake printers are apparently the in thing now.


#5 What about changing air freshener scents every night?


#6 Run out of toilet paper? No problem, robots can deliver some rolls to your room.


#7 How about getting some topping for your bread right off the honeycomb?


#8 Hotels that cater to canine guests too.


#9 Particular about the material of your pillows? Well have no fret! In this hotel, you have a choice.


#10 A hotel that knows there should be a separate towel for removing make-up deserves an award.


11.  What a surprise finding unexpected notes even under your bed!


12. After a hot and relaxing bath, feel free to still see your face on this hotel’s mirror


13. What about a hotel that encourages us to be more charitable? In this hotel, they provide a bag where you can leave all unwanted items to donate to the poor.


14. This innovative mirror is perfect to know how you should dress for the day as it shows what kind of temperature it is before going outside.


15. Free shampoo at the hotel includes braille in their packaging. Thank you.