15 Flora Design Inspirations To Improve Your Homes and Happiness

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Looking for economical and creative ways to spruce up your homes? Check out these inspirations of plants taking over our interiors and you’ll start to design your homes in plant-style once you’re done with this article. 

  1. Instead of using wallpaper, why don’t you just drape your indoor walls with a variety of vines? Color and texture with one solution. 

Source: Instagram – cyrilcybernated

2. Letting the plants grow over your existing furniture is just genius. 

Source: Instagram – artemisiacollagewithnature

3. Decorating the staircase as if you’re about to enter a secret garden doesn’t sound like such a bad place to go up and down in everyday. 

Source: Instagram – soiledplanties

4. Why not have a plant-enhanced teepee with cacti to act as the four posters of your bed? 

Source: Instagram – ihavethisthingwithurbanjungles

5. Living in an urban jungle doesn’t get any better than this sight. 

Source: Instagram – wildernisamsterdam

6. Hanging plants from the ceiling as light installations might be an even better idea than putting them in an artistic looking pot. Or better yet, do both. 

Source: Instagram – jamies_jungle

7. Who ever thought having a disco ball would totally enhance the effect of nature and make it look so dreamy? Win! 

Source: Instagram – from_milla

8. A used wooden staircase of cacti to design your terrace would never be a regret. 

Source: Instagram – amazingsucculents

9. A four-poster bed surrounded by fairy lights and vines would convince anybody to just stay in bed. 

Source: Instagram – zebodeko

10. Decorating your reading nook with hanging planters, and even more plants on the ground is probably the best way to transport yourself to a relaxing place without leaving the comforts of your own home. 


Source: Instagram – vivvie_the_gardener

11. Built-in shelving for both books and plants alike? 100% yes.

Source: Instagram -thrift_plantabode_

12. Fairy lights and plants are a match made in heaven. 

Source: Instagram – thejungletown

13. Relaxing in a hammock inside a room filled with plants… With your dog beside you. What more can you ask for, really?

Source: Instagram – thanksitwasonsale

14. Can’t get enough of these four-poster beds being taken over by vine design. 

Source: Instagram – jungle_queen91


15. Instead of storing all sorts of junk that you’ll probably never use again in your loft, how about just store some plants in it? 

Source: Instagram – richardleemassey


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