15 Hilariously Spot-On Tweets Going Viral About Weird Things That All Dads Do, And Nobody Knows Why!

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With all the advancements that scientists have discovered and the new inventions the world has been enjoying, there are still many mysteries that humans haven’t solved. For example, what occurred before the Big Bang, how many galaxies are there in this Universe, and why do all fathers rub their bellies after having dinner. Or why do they make a certain sound when they sit down, or get up from bed? Why do they treat grilling like a sport? In fact, dads probably hold more mysteries to their actions than what we still haven’t discovered about about the universe. To try and figure out why dads do what they do, people have started tweeting about all of these weird actions, and these tweets perfectly describe dad’s ‘dadness’ to a tee. 

The negative part about all these hilarious tweets is that, up till now – no one still knows the answer as to why dads ‘do what they do!’ Science can explain most everything around us, but it still hasn’t figured out the rationality behind these antics that only surfaces once someone becomes a father. 

Here are 15 hilarious tweets about Dads and their weird antics. Do you think these are true?

1. The human GPS that’s likely wrong 90% of the time. 


2. This “sport” should be part of the Olympics. 



3. That’s definitely not cash in there… 


4. Was this way back when? 


5. Bet your dad can’t sneeze as loud as mine! 


6. Happens. Every. Time… 


7. Could it be back pain? 


8. Silence is golden when it comes to concentration. 


9. What have they got in there?! 


10. Couch, bed, bench, grass. The results are all the same. 


11. What’s the weirdest birthday gift you’d ever given? 


12. They’re definitely not messages of anger. 


13. … And move the car when someone late is about to hop in! 


14. Talk about awkward! 


15. You can add medicines to that list!