15 Super Weird Images That Will Mess With Your Brain

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What am I looking at exactly?

1. The Trojan Horse

You know how the old saying goes, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

2. That’s A Rough one Wendy

Judging by her thick five o’clock shadow, it looks like poor Wendy has come down on some hard times.

3. One Dog Stand

“Why, good morning, Sunshine! I had a lot of fun last night, it was great meeting you. I’ve just been laying here watching you sleep. By the way, I think I love you.”

4. So That’s Where Babies Come From

If your kid ever asks you, “Where do babies come from,” you can tell them the old stork story — and show them this picture.

5. Where My Head At?

Even the smallest conflict can make hockey players lose their heads!

6. Dress Of Cake

Looks tasty!

7. I Need A Shave

She may want to book a couple electrolysis appointments.

8. Once You See It…

A few months ago, this optical illusion was driving everyone crazy. Once you see it, you won’t be able to unsee it. But, if you look hard enough, you’ll see that this illusion isn’t all SMOKE and mirrors.

9. Whoa!

Boobs and legs? Or just legs? I’m confused.

10. Is That A Man In Your Pants

His wenis has arms!

11. Grossness

With all the girls out there who choose to go au naturel these days, this photo isn’t so out of the ordinary.

12. He-Man

If this guy’s neck was cut out of this picture, it would literally look like a fused a**.

13. One Size Does Not Fit ALL

Okay, this has got to be two different feet side-by-side. But still, you could use that toenail on the left as a cutting board. That thing is literally the size and shape of a lightbulb.

14. Farts On Fire

“What did you think a methane farm looked like? Do you know what the farmer’s secret ingredients are for our explosive farts? He sprinkles the grass with habanero pepper.”

15. Someone’s Happy

Again…when you see it!