16 Things You Can Stroke With Your Hands

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I know what you are all thinking. You enjoy stroking things and sometimes you run out of things to stroke. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of stroke-able things that are perfectly okay to stroke.


You Can Stroke…

  1. A Cat

  2. A Beard

  3. A Furry Wall

  4. A Dog

  5. A Ripe Banana

  6. A Long Pencil

  7. Hair

  8. An Ego

  9. It

  10. Tastebuds

  11. A Soft Blanket

  12. A Sack Of Soft Balls

  13. A Baby Bear Cub

  14. A Sea Bass

  15. A Bush

  16. A Rooster

really dude

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Created by : CJ @ AJ – Staff Writer

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