17 Cleverly Concealed Messages People Discovered in Stuff They Use Everyday

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When was the last time you got all excited flipping the top off your favorite shampoo bottle or got giddy reading the nutritional information at the back of a can of soda? I’d say never. Ever since swiping on our smart phones has more entertainingly replaced reading product labels while sitting in the toilet, paying attention to the fine print in everyday items is way down at the bottom of our “to do” list.

Now, because Big-Name brands care about us and the things that we do on our free time, they have gone the extra mile to bring sunshine to our dreary days but, should we want to play, we will have to keep our eyes peeled because the game they chose to entertain us with, is a game of hide-and-seek.

It doesn’t matter where we are, or what day it is, these funny messages seem to pop-up when we least expect to see them.


Let’s say your day goes like this:

It’s the weekend. You don’t have work so you decide to finish a week’s worth of laundry

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..and then some.

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While the clothes are in the spin cycle, you grab the latest newspaper and see that a car was launched into outerspace. Cute.

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Laundry’s done but now you want to keep the productive streak going, so you decide to change the cord…

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on your gaming headset.

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By this time, it’s mid-day. You’re tired and decide to take a break. You rummage through the kitchen…

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to grab a soda…

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and a snack.

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While so, you’re thinking what better to do later tonight since it is a Saturday. Should you  try on that new shirt…

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and grab a cold brew with the lads?

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Or bring your A-game on

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and invite “Bae” out for some wining and dining

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and some quality time

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But she calls at the last minute for a rain-check.

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You drive home…

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Wishing you just stayed home and read that book you bought earlier that week.

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