17 Shocking Employee Confessions From Places You Frequently Visit

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I grew up working in the retail and food industries. I saw things I’d rather forget there, from thieving employees to shifting definitions of “cleanliness.” Everything was done behind a secretive veil that would scare any customer into never trusting the places they shop again.

These 17 shocking confessionals from the employees who serve your food, fix your computer, and sell you clothes may make you afraid to ever leave your home again. They’re brutally honest, almost to the point where you will regret ever visiting these popular destinations.

1.) Geek Squad

2.) Delta

3.) Babies R Us

4.) KFC

5.) JCPenney

6.) Aquarium

7.) UPS

8.) Ben & Jerry’s

9.) Godiva

10.) Meijer

11.) Hooters

12.) Bath & Body Works

13.) Michaels

14.) Hobby Lobby

15.) Amazon

16.) Commonwealth Bank

17.) Pizza Store

(via eBaum’s World)

I already knew half of this happens, but there’s no way I’m sleeping well tonight. Can anyone ever trust that 17-year-old KFC cashier again?