17 Simple Garden Hacks That Will Have Your Garden Looking Good & Yielding Big Results!

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There are excellent ways on how you can properly prep your garden so that you can be sure to have best tasting crops and highest output possible. Gardens are work so you definitely want to ensure you do things right so that your hard work pays off!

Check out some awesome tips and tricks on how to get the best results from your garden all the while looking good!

Seeding your new plants. Save money by using egg cartons or even toilet paper rolls.


You can use emptied lemon rinds for supplying your little baby plants with nutrients from the lemon.


Ice cream cones work well too! Don’t over-water as the cone will dissolve! But the cones are another 100% biodegradable option.


If you need to warm things up on a cold Spring day, take an empty plastic bottle and use it as a mini-greenhouse. Take the bottle and cut in half. The bottom part is used for soil while the top is placed over your plants on the cold days. Cutting bottles over your plants while planted outside as frost protection is another option.


A muffin baking tray can be used to mark a pattern in soil. Planting your seedlings with perfect distance between them can be accomplished this way.


Fencing and wrapped layers of cling film that form a barrier can be used to protect against strong winds and cold temps.


Mark your garden with mini-signs using old spoons or anything else you think would work well. You can stamp them with letters or just paint them to identify.


Drawing on stones using a paint pen and putting in your garden bed is another option.


How to give your garden water if you are going to be gone for a few days: Fill up empty bottles with water. Set them upside down in the soil. Water will gradually empty out and thus nourish your plants.


Soda cans for herb growing? Absolutely! These work really well and you can paint them with bright colors as well as label them accordingly.


Protect your garden from drying out by using mulch. Spread some old newspapers around before covering with mulch and this way the weeds won’t invade!


Stick plastic forks next to seedlings so they will grow big by keeping larger animals like rabbits away from them.


For unwelcome pests, specifically aphids, wrap up your hands in masking tape. Then, with the sticky part facing out, collect up all the aphids. Probably have to do it a few times, but it’s an all natural way and alternative from nasty pesticides.


Glowing pebbles are great to illuminate your garden path. Painting stones with glow-in-the-dark paint works well.


Collect old bottles and press them into soil to also mark your path.


You can even regrow veggies from themselves. Take the end of a celery stalk, plant, and watch as another one will grow from it!


Works for onions too (as well as many other plants)!


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