This Toddler Smokes Two Packs Of Cigarettes Per Day

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When it comes to the children of Indonesia, there may be a lack of education, food and housing amenities, but one thing that is in abundance and readily available to children is cigarettes.

The country seems to have adopted the Marlboro Man just like the United States did back in the 50’s.  Children as young as 18 months old are addicted to cigarettes and smoke up to 40 per day.

That is case with the toddler featured in the video below. This child started smoking at just 18 months old and now smokes over 40 cigarettes per day.

In Indonesia, small shops are set up next to schools that sell cigarettes to children. The country has done nothing to stop this ridiculous and unhealthy situation, probably because many Indonesian doctors are saying it’s not a bad thing.

This is just crazy!


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