18 Things Awesome Leaders Do

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Leadership affects so many things within an organization. Leadership style has an impact on employee productivity, staff turnover, customer or client experience, and the profitability of the organization as a whole. When a leader is doing a good job, employees will be happy and productive and the organization will achieve more. However, in an environment with bad leadership, employees will be demotivated, customers and clients will get poor services and the company will fail. Good leadership isn’t about having it all together. It all about recognizing what really matters and concentrating efforts towards that. This article highlights 18 key things that awesome leaders do 

Give Teams Opportunities to Give Input and Feedback

Remarkable readers know that the success of an organization relies so much on the input of all team members. They realize that at times others may have better ideas for the organization. For instance, in retail stores, salespeople may have better ideas for boosting the shopping experience since they spend most of their time with the customers. Good leaders give their team members an opportunity to share ideas and give feedback on the company’s performance. By taking into account different views, they are able to make better decisions. 

Don’t Embarrass Others

Awesome leaders know that some things should be discussed in private to avoid embarrassing or humiliating others. Discussing an employee’s failures or weaknesses in public can cause them to become angry and even feel shameful. Also, it can change how other people in the office view that person. However, things that aren’t too personal can be pointed out in public. For instance, if an employee made a mistake that could compromise the security of the company, this can be discussed in public so that others can learn and avoid it as well. 

Lead by Example


Good leaders set a good example for their team. When you are a good example, you set a tone for how things get done in your company. This is the best way to make things work at the office without opposition or disrespect. Leading by example also helps in cultivating a supportive team. Also, when one leads by example, they become an inspiration to others. Aspiring leaders get to learn a lot just by observing an awesome leader.   

Learn Continually 

Successful leaders are continually learning new things. They get started with major courses that are essential for the success of their jobs. For instance, for nurse leaders, DNP executive leadership online programs is a good start. After that, they read books, take leadership classes, attend leadership seminars, follow great leaders and subscribe to leadership newsletters to grow their knowledge and hone their skills. They also take the time to learn more about their industry. 

Communicate Effectively 

Awesome leaders don’t make assumptions or provide scanty information. They take time to communicate goals, expectations, and plans with their team. Effective communication reduces misunderstandings in the workplace and it also ensures that all tasks are completed correctly and on time. 

Evaluate Performance 

A good leader doesn’t just communicate their expectations. They take time to do some evaluations to see whether their expectations are being met. Evaluations are essential in every organization because they help in identifying areas that require change and employees who need more support. They also show the direction to take when setting new goals and standards for the company. 

Recognize and Reward Performance 

Source: https://thehrgirl.com

Rewards can boost morale and productivity in the workplace. A good leader recognizes good performance and where possible rewards the good performance. Even where there is no reward, you should recognize your teams’ contribution to the success of the company. A simple thank you can change employees’ attitudes and motivate them to work harder towards the success of the company. 

Look Out For the Wellness of Their Team

Health and wellness have a direct effect on the productivity of employees. Other than insurance and sick leave, employers should invest in a number of wellness programs such as health training, sports days, healthy snacks and fitness programs for their employees. A good leader will make necessary suggestions to the company owners and help in designing and implementing wellness programs. Additionally, good leaders look out for the welfare of employees by designing daily work schedules in a way that the team members will not be overworked. They also allow time for breaks. 

Take Care of Themselves

In addition to looking out for their employees, awesome leaders take care of themselves too. They eat right, take breaks, go on holidays, sleep 7-8 hours, exercise, and just basically have a work-life balance. This prepares their bodies for the many responsibilities they are entrusted with every day. When a leader comes to work tired and worn out, they end up stressing out the team members.  

Encourage Growth 

Awesome leaders nurture talent, help the team member to overcome their weaknesses and prepare them for promotion. Growth can be achieved through mentorship, correcting the employees when they wrong, giving suggestions for growth, encouraging them to take more tasks, organizing training and promoting them to higher positions. Good leaders do not dismiss poor performing employees without giving them an opportunity to grow and change. They remind them of the expectations, give them guidelines they can follow to improve and allow a little time before dismissal. That kind of support gives team members the motivation to work harder for the success of the company. 

Organize Fun Events 

Source: https://www.afsusa.org

Having a little fun outside the office can reduce workplace stress, boost morale and give the team members an opportunity to socialize and bond. Awesome leaders organize trips, team building activities, dinners, games, and parties for their team members. Companies can have such activities as part of the company culture once in a year or as frequently as they would like. Also, fun activities can be planned as a reward for teams for good performance. This motivates them to work harder. 

Manage Their Emotions

Being able to manage emotions is another trait that awesome managers share. It is impossible to prevent emotions because they are automatic responses from the body. You can only learn how to manage them. Effectively managing one’s emotions doesn’t mean ignoring their existence. Rather, it entails choosing how to respond when the negative emotions strike. A good manager won’t start fights when they are angry or treat employees poorly when they feel disappointed. 

Take Interest in Their Team Members 

Good leaders take a genuine interest in the lives of their team members. They take time to learn more about their achievement, career goals, and struggles. Also, they show concern when a team member is stressed or sick. By showing such genuine interest, awesome leaders are able to develop good relationships with their employees. Good relationships are essential for workplace teamwork. Also, employees will feel more comfortable to talk to a leader who shows interests in their lives. 

They Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals and Standards

A good leader will not set unrealistic standards for their team. Unrealistic standards only work against the leadership and the company. When goals are unrealistic, employees will be demotivated and such goals can also lead to rebellion. Unrealistic goals can cause disappointment and frustration in the company. And when good leaders set unrealistic standards without knowing it, they will gladly accept correction from the team. They are open to discussions with the team members while still remaining in control of the final decision.  Also, good leaders don’t set workplace rules that would be unfair to the employees.  

They Take Accountability For Their Actions 

Leaders too do have roles that they have to accomplish at the end of the day, month and year.  A good example is overseeing the performance of their teams. Good leaders take accountability for all actions which are their responsibility without shifting blame.  

Are Passionate About Their Job


Good leaders are passionate about what they do. They love the companies or organizations they work for and they also love their role of leading others. When someone is passionate about something, they do it wholeheartedly. They will do all it takes to make it work.  

Make Good Decisions

Every company makes a lot of decisions every day. Thus, the decision-making skills of a leader can either make or break the company. Good leaders are great decision makers. They get the input of others, think critically, and go for a decision that will produce the best outcome in the company. 

They are Good at Problem Solving

Leaders encounter a number of problems every day. When faced with problems, good leaders get to the root of the issue, analyze the situation and come up with the best solution. Good problem-solving skills are also helpful in dealing with conflicts between team members. 

When you are an awesome leader, you benefit as an individual, the employees benefit and the company or organization also benefits. It is possible for anyone to become a good leader provided they put the necessary effort. All it takes is discipline, dedication, training, practice and lots of passion.