19 Very Intense Windshield Notes Left By People Who Are Less Than Impressed

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Boy oh boy do I wish I had seen these years ago as I would have totally left a few of these.  From a finger-painted message left in peanut butter to a slew of angry potato men these 19 pictures will definitely inspire you…horrible parkers beware!!!

1.) We don’t want another Spud uprising on our hands, do we?

2.) I wonder if they’ll throw him a party, too.

3.) That’s a resolution worth keeping.

4.) I like games…

5.) On the bright side…free peanut butter.

6.) Hella creepy.

7.) Well, it worked…once.

8.) “That’s what you get!”

9.) Why’d you make my cat grumpy?

10.) Optimus Prime does not like you.

11.) Jesus probably wouldn’t use such strong language.

12.) What a lovely day.

13.) You can do just about anything online these days.

14.) Someone’s getting a lump of coal next year.

15.) That’s one car show I wouldn’t want to miss.

16.) “Office Space” meet “Parking Space.”

17.) 100% chance I’d still be angry if you blocked me in.

18.) “Taken” has a whole new meaning.

19.) Thanks, Spider-Man!

(via Distractify)