Photo Tour Through A House Not Touched Since 1954

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1950s home decor

I’m not sure why the decorating style ever changed from the styling of the 1950’s, because this home is absolutely awesome!

The curves of the furniture, the bright and vibrant colors of the walls and accessories make this home look like a happy wonderland!

The Dallas home was sold a year ago for $665,000 and there is no doubt that the new owners are thrilled with their purchase! Just driving by the home will take you back to a simpler time. Once you start viewing the inside, you definitely feel like you are right back in the 1950’s!

All photos via | Mid-Century Modern Dallas Homes

1950s home decor

Check out that ride!!!

The outdoor lighting is incredible!

The TV has been updated, but that’s about it!

I could get used to this!

1950s home decor

This style should definitely make a comeback!




That computer isn’t from the 50’s, but at this point who cares!


Probably one of the coolest bathrooms on the planet!

Now this is a backyard!


I’d go for a dip!