1968 ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Stars Sue For Over $500M For Intimate Teen Love Scene

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Leonard Whiting, who played Romeo, and Olivia Hussey, said Director Franco Zeffirelli assured them nudity would not be shown. But it was. Now, 55 years later, the pair are suing for big money!

The lawsuit is from both Whiting and Hussey and is filed against Paramount Pictures.

Hussey, then 15 and now 71, and Whiting, then 16 now 72, filed the suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court Friday alleging sexual abuse, sexual harassment and fraud after the nude scene was included in the film, despite alleged reassurance from Director Franco Zeffirelli nudity would not be shown.

Franco Zeffirelli passed away in 2019, but allegedly told the young actors that they would be wearing flesh colored suits during the filming of the scene to hide the nudity.

The actors state that they were told that if they did not act in the nude, the film would fail. That they were to be nude, with body makeup and film the scene.

In the end, the film was released and showed Whiting’s bare buttocks and Hussey’s bare breasts.

The film went on to be a international success, however, Whiting and Hussey state that they have had a lifetime of trauma due to the filming and release of their nude scene – as children.

Paramount Pictures has not responded to the lawsuit as of yet.