20 Smart College Life Hacks That Every College Student Needs To Know

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College life is supposed to be a full four years of unsupervised fun, learning and an overall great time for in your life. For many people, you’re away from home for the first time. There are so many things you set out to learn in college and not all of the learning comes from text books or lecture classes. In order to solve some of college life’s inconveniences and make your college life easier, you need to be as creative as possible.

Here are 20 best college life hacks that every college student needs. These simple tips and tricks will tell you how to be cool in college and make your college years a lot easier.

This clever college dorm room hack is the perfect thing for coffee lovers, especially if coffee makers are not allowed in your dorm.


Use an iron to heat up water and cook some noodles! Ramen baby!


Use computer devices to heat up your breakfast!


Use a fork and an instant noodle container to create a spoon! If you often cook in your dorm room, this life hack would allow you put off washing your spoons another day.


Use vertical space and heat 2 dishes at the same time. This microwave life hack is a great idea. 


Boost your WiFi signal using a coke can! source


Use a binder clip to keep your beer stacked neatly in the refrigerator. 


Use can taps to create more closet space!


File your clothes to make create more storage space!


DIY Bra Organizer! Save storage space and keep your bras in shape by making this bra hanger in your closet. Get the tutorial via artsyarchitette.wordpress.com


Attach dryer sheets to your fan and you will have the freshest dorm room in the entire building!


Magnetic makeup board! Super space saver!


Paper clips are not just intended to staple your college essays. Use them to keep cords easy to find on a desk or nightstand. Via itsoverflowing.com


Use coat hanger to hang your tablet over your bed!


Use your left over pizza boxes as a dust pan!


Use a pen to keep your text book open!


Is it hot in your college dorm room? Use this simple DIY air conditioner to survive hot summer and lower your electric bill. Get the instructions HERE!


Pen chip bag sealer!


Are you going to have an impromptu dance party in your school? This amplifying speaker made out of a recycled Pringles can will give your music extra volume and a crisper, cleaner sound. Get the tutorial via mashable.com


We don’t condone cheating, but I guess this would be considered a ‘college’ type hack. 


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