20 DIY Pallet Shelter Designs That Will Have You Living Large…For Cheap!

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Not everyone can afford a super cool bunker house or off-grid pad to relax and get away. Mini houses can cost quite a bit and campers are cool, but most of us want something a tad more permanent. So, sometimes you just have to think out side the box a bit, be creative and use materials that are readily available and cheap!

Check out the awesome shelters below that were built out of pallets! Yes! Pallets!

You can find wood pallets all over the place. Most places are begging people to come and get their overstock of these wooden delights. So seek them out and start building my friends!

You can’t get much simpler than this. This pallet home is a one room cabin with a simple front porch and a rocking chair. He used a few pieces of sheet metal for the roof and a salvaged window.


The majority of this structure was built using re-purposed pallets. You can see how the flooring and most of the walls use entire pallets to get the cabin off the ground. The decking is also made from pallet materials.


This structure takes on more of a modern look, but still utilizes the wood from pallets to construct the outside walls. 


Most everything in this rustic cabin is recycled including the pane windows, doors and roof. It’s a basic one room cabin with front porch appeal. You can create a nice trapping or hunting cabin without spending a boat load.


This is probably one of the better looking and most complete pallet houses we have seen. It’s loaded with solar panels, window planters, built-in benching and plenty of outdoor decking.


This is an interesting take on building a pallet home. This one is built around a tree and multi-level complete with a balcony on the 2nd floor and a porch surround on the bottom floor.


This storage shed could be used as a habitat or for general storage. It looks like maybe the pallets were sanded down quite a bit to achieve a less rustic look. The shed is finished off with shingled roofing.


This structure is different from most I’ve seen. It is built in a honeycomb shape leaving gaps between for ventilation. The top is flat but the exterior uses boards angled to deflect rain. The decking is a nice touch which also serves as the interior floor which helps get it off the ground.


This pallet shelter appears to have been claimed by man’s best friend! I really like the greenery planted on the roof and the angled metal roof. It appears the structure is supported on concrete blocks.


Maybe you’d like to bug out by keeping your cabin on wheels? This structure made with pallets is a small one room habitat with windows and a backdoor. The steps can be placed inside once you’re on the road again.


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