20 Examples Of How Bosses Can Become Such Jerks And How Their Employees Shamed Their Impossible Behavior Online

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Every group that gains success always goes by the saying that there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team.’ This is not always possible though, because some people just fail to have consideration for others and seem adamant on ruining other people’s day for their own selfish reasons. There’s another word for this type of people – jerks. While these jerks are not those we come across very often, they could also possibly be someone from within your group, or your office… Such as your boss.

We can’t choose the people we work with, especially not our superiors. I’m sure that at least once, you were forced to put on a fake smile while dealing with someone from the office, as if everything is fine and dandy but deep inside, you feel like going all ‘The Hulk’ on them.

Working for an employer that actually takes the time to enrich your talents and listen to your concerns is a godsend, but when you have a boss that loves being a jerk, this could totally ruin your work and office life. Jerk bosses literally can take the cake in making someone’s life miserable seeing as you have to spend at least eight hours of your day , five times a week, dealing with their stupidity.

Bennett Tepper, a researcher from Ohio State University told the Harvard Business Review that: “if your boss is hostile toward you, you are going to be less satisfied with your job, less committed to the work. You are more likely to experience psychological distress. We know that performance suffers; we know that people are less helpful when their boss is hostile toward them.”

Tepper also included that aggressive behavior in the workplace never inspires the employees to work harder, nor better.

“I have found no upside whatsoever to a boss being hostile, even though there is a lay belief out there that if you kind of kick people a little bit, maybe you can get them motivated. We never seem to find evidence of that,” he included.

Along with his colleagues, Tepper even made experiments to check whether being aggressive or hostile back to your boss would yield any positive results. And yes, you guessed it right! Acting like a jerk back to another absolutely does not create anything positive at the end of the day. Two wrongs definitely do not make a right. In this particular case, two jerks in an office environment does not make anything right at all!

Here are 20 real-life cases of bosses that are major jerks, they deserve a price for being so over the top in the jerk-o-meter. Maybe seeing these could actually make you feel better about your job situation, in comparison.

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Not everybody has the luxury to just quit their jobs if things don’t go as they want it to be. That means that for a number of different reasons, people are stuck working in companies with bosses and colleagues that they don’t like – because they don’t have any other choice! What do you do when you’re stuck in a situation such as this?

Sometimes, having a change in perspective and seeing things in a different light can be of help. BBC had a great suggestion: Take some time for yourself and meditate at the office on a daily basis and watch the stress slowly move away. If you’re feeling overwhelmed at any time, take a few deep breaths and get grounded to the present moment, take a walk and be surrounded by nature, surround yourself with fluffy animals, or remember all the things in life that you should be grateful for – we are sure there are a lot, once you dig deep!

How do you feel about your work life now?


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